The Top 5 Nature Apps to Download Today

When you are out and about, it’s impractical to carry books, encyclopedias and travel guides all the time — slipping an iPhone into your pocket is much easier! The following list of apps is essential if you have a constant thirst for all things nature, whether it is on a professional level or just general interest.

These top 5 nature apps give you some idea of what is available if you are a lover of nature, of course there are so many more for you to download. Please do let us know what one below you prefer, or is there another not listed here, thanks.

Every Trail Pro
You can create your own interactive trip map, whether you walk, run, bike, drive or sail, and can label marks on the map with pictures and videos you take along the way, telling others the stories involved in each journey.

The clever developers have also enabled an offline mode where you can download a map and have it saved for when there are dodgy Internet spots along your journey — let’s face it, that’s highly likely! With other features like estimated time of arrival, journey distance and what’s near to any checkpoints you may designate, Every Trail Pro really is a perfect supplement to your travels.

Audubon Nature Apps
Audubon’s range of nature apps are perfect if you want to learn all about the wildlife of a particular area. Though they specialise mainly places in America like Florida, California, New England, Texas and the Rocky Mountains, each app offers an incredibly extensive amount of information on fauna, plant life and geography of an area.

Though you may never necessarily need to know the leaf size of an Alpine Sunflower, it is good to know you can get that sort of information if you want it.

Reviewed by many as a landmark in bird finding, the BirdsEye app is the ultimate go-to for finding birds either from your local area, or across the world. Bird experts can rely on this app as it gives detailed info on birds that are native to the area they are in, and gives possible locations where you might find some of the species.

Many bird finding tips and hints in the app were written by renowned bird expert Kenn Kaufman, who used top of the range wildlife cameras to capture the stunning images for the app too.

National Trust
With thousands of pictures and hundreds of ideas for days out with the family, the National Trust app is perfect for all the family. Their events listings section shows you what the upcoming attractions are and informs of any potential ideas for something different to do at the weekend.

World Atlas HD
Now that the bugs have been fixed, National Geographic’s atlas app is extremely useful at showing an immense amount of information on countries, supplemented with HD quality images and maps. This app needs to be used on an iPad in order for its features to be fully appreciated, such as the zoom feature and satellite imagery of the places you view.

Would you find any of these useful whilst you were out exploring?

Susannah Perez is a self-confessed geek with a love of gadgets — the iPhone being her favourite. She blogs for Fly on the Wall and loves nothing more than to immerse herself in the wonders of nature after her busy mile-a-minute lifestyle during the week.

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    techlover!!! says:

    Thanks and compliments for you (Susannah Perez),for the useful information.and I agree with you about the love for gadgets!, and in fact that’s why I post my comments as a techlover!!!.but haha I don’t agree with you about the iphone, because I prefer the Galaxy S line (more smart holistically, and more value for money!) But anyway.about the apps,for me every good app is useful, and it’s worth to try it out!.and from this 5, am gonna start from the world atlas HD, national trust,and every trial pro.and the other 2 as well.thanks for the good advises!!!

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