HiLO iPhone and iPad lens brings new angles photography

If you are into snapping pictures with your iPhone or iPad, there are no doubt times when you simply just can’t get the right angle for that perfect shot, high angles, low angle and the like can be difficult to attain. However there could be a new lens on its way that could make an angle shot easier, and that lens is called the HiLO Lens.

The HiLO Lens is the first right angle lens for the iPhone, and iPad that features three glass lenses and a prism that have all been custom made for the HiLO lens, and as such offers the iOS photographer new creative camera angles so the user no longer needs to align the screen with the scene.

With the HiLO Lens on your iOS device you can snap low angle shots, high angle shots, wide angle shots, with any surface acting as a tripod by laying the device down.

There will also be a free iOS app for the HiLO Lens that will correct mirror images that are caused by the prism, along with delivering an optional shutter delay so the user can snap group and self portraits when using the HiLO as a tripod, and the optics in the HiLO Lens are more sophisticated than any other lens available for the iPhone.

The HiLO Lens attaches to the iPhone or Apple iPad by using a thin tacky pad that has a tiny hole in the centre so it doesn’t interfere with the image and uses micro-suction, whilst when you remove the lens there is no marks or residue left behind on the device.

However, you can’t get the HiLO Lens at the moment as it is a Kickstarter project looking for a funding goal of $27,500, and has thus far garnered pledges of $18,215, with 18-days to run. For those that would like to know more about the HiLO Lens that will be compatible with the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, and new iPad, we have embedded a video for your viewing consideration below.

So head on down and hit the play button to check out the footage, and if you think you could make use of the HiLO Lens, you can make a pledge by hitting up the HiLO Lens Kickstarter page…enjoy.

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