Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Android Jelly Bean Update

We are sure that when it comes to Android users, you are aware numerous devices are still running Android 4.0 even though the latest operating system is at 4.2. It is also known that it will take quite some time to update those Ice Cream Sandwich devices to Jelly Bean 4.1 let alone 4.2, and whilst some will never see the Jelly Bean update many older devices are to remain on Gingerbread, but this doesn’t include the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE.

It appears that over in South Korea the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE smartphone has started receiving the Android Jelly Bean update, which enables owners to experience new features in this operating system such as Google Now, auto-resize widgets, actionable notifications and much more.

Unfortunately though one does have to download the Android Jelly Bean 4.1 update to the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE via Samsung Kies, which can sometimes be quite a pain and more than often causes more issues than wanted.

Many users have had bad experiences with Samsung Kies, and it still makes us wonder why Samsung delivers updates via Kies rather than pushing them out over the air, which would be far more preferable to most Samsung device users.

So if you happen to be one of the Android faithful with a Samsung Galaxy S3 with LTE smartphone over in South Korea you now at least know can now grab the Jelly Bean update for your handset.

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14 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE Android Jelly Bean Update”

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    Trent says:

    The update sucks!! My phone is buggy and eats through the battery now. I loved this phone … I’m starting to hate it. I hope they fix this asap!!

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    Chris S says:

    My phone has been updated and now its not working properly and I’m getting error messages when trying to open my media gallery and when selecting other options.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. if you dont have your update yet, but what your phone to perform a little faster, i found a trick that I believe is an absolute MUST!! Your phone will be a lot snappier especially when you move about in the OS. Open up s voice and when you have it opened, click your menu button on the bottom right and sellect settings and then un select launch s voice. you wont be able to accesss s voice by the home button any longer, but they do have an app built in the phone that can open it. you will notice an imedient difference! you can thank me later……you’ll see

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    droidsucks says:

    I left android after Moto atrix refused to update and iphone 5 right now is way better than any of the android versions. Android sucks. Teasing everybody with updates and not everybody will get it

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      stillbetterthanijunk says:

      That’s better than teasing everyone with a product that claims to be “advanced” but still is the same POS it’s always been.

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      Scott Madde says:

      Android seems to run on a much more grand scale than iPhone. Android has their “selection” of phones and then there is the Nexus series. When open source is readily available, then of course companies are going to jump on that and make their own phone, but that in no way should be put in the same category as a Nexus device, which is straight from the source without the middlemen sitting on it for a month before they decide to scrap the update in order to promote their new phone.For the longest time though it was that way, where phones were OEM driven and carrier dictated, but given the introduction of the nexus family, things will smooth out from here on. Just know what you’re buying.

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    babe says:

    Love the update! awesome! so Much faster now ,but took a little longer than i thought for the update. But now is running smooth and love the updated detail they have add on.

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    Patricia Wiley says:

    I just received notice the update for my S3 is ready ( I am using Sprint). I owned an S2, that received the horrid ICS update from gingerbread and it pretty much destroyed my S2 along with the S2’s of so many people. I went from having a battery that would last 24+ hours with moderate use to having a phone that had a battery that would last 4 hours with zero use. The fix was to turn everything off, flash ROM numerous times, do factory installs and still no improvement. My daughter still has her S2 and uses juice defender and the phone does do better (after another updated roll-out from Sprint). but I am so wary of any new OS’s for my device which came with ICS installed.

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    woody says:

    Last night (Saturday 4th Nov) I received the android jelly bean update and I must say it’s miles better than icecream sandwich. Well done Samsung, I now look forward to Christmas when I should be receiving the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1.

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    HW says:

    Hi I have black S3 (non LTE version) bought from UAE. am in sri lanka, on 28th of October I when I checked for updates i was officially updated with Jelly bean4.1. I originally had ICS. There is definite difference in the operation for the better. although offcially Jellybean4.1 is still not released here in SL.
    I am wondering if there will be update to jellybean 4.2 in the near future.

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