iPad Mini unboxed and first impressions lengthy video

I’m sure that most are aware that Apple released its shrunk down iPad to the mobile space the other day, and if you have been pondering on the idea of picking up an iPad mini, but can’t quite make up your mind whether you want one or not, perhaps a rather lengthy unboxing and initial impressions video of the smaller iOS slate might go some way to helping you come to a decision.

So that is exactly what we have for our readers viewing consideration below, an unboxing and initial impressions video of the Apple iPad mini. The iPad mini unboxing & initial impressions footage comes our way courtesy of YouTube user Lockergnome, although to view the video in its entirety you’ll need to set aside roughly and hour of your time.

After some waffle by the guy in the video, he does get round to unboxing the smaller iOS slate at the 9:50 minute mark so you might just want to skip over all that waffle to that mark, when the guy actually begins unwrapping the iPad mini he’s supposed to unbox.

In the iPad mini box you get all the usual gear associated with Apple slates such as instruction booklet, a USB to Lightning connector, and the iPad mini of course. And once he actually gets it in his hand and boots the device he says his first impression is that it is the iPad only smaller.

He also says that the iPad mini is easy to handle in one hand although he couldn’t hold it for long, and a user would have to get used to holding onto the device single-handed, but is easy enough for picking up and putting down, although it is easier to palm the Nexus 7 than the iPad mini.

Anyway, I’ll leave it right there as not to spoil your viewing enjoyment of this iPad mini unboxing and initial impressions video, so all you need do now is head on down to hit that play button to check out the footage for yourself…enjoy.


8 thoughts on “iPad Mini unboxed and first impressions lengthy video”

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    Natalie says:

    Aww leave him alone guys he doesn’t even get paid for this. But yeah he could turn it round and show us this iPad and not him. But ty anyway mate.

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    Richard says:

    Can’t watch this .Congrats jerk .You’re the most unfunny irritating person I’ve ever seen anywhere

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    Ladyessex1 says:

    Oh! My head, doesn’t he go on, fancy having to live with him, I would end up in a mental home with all his Babbling on LOL, off to take a head ache pill now.

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