Google Nexus 4 release pricing confusion

A week ago today despite Hurricane Sandy being responsible for Google cancelling their special Android event in New York, the company still unveiled the new LG Nexus 4 handset following weeks of leaks regarding the device. Now though if you are after an unlocked version of the device there looks like there could be some confusion with the Google Nexus 4 release pricing.

Leading up to the announcement of the handset numerous leaks had pretty much provided all that was to know about the handset, except how much it would be costing consumers to get their hands on the device, and as the Android Authority are reporting the company revealed the handset would be priced from $299 for the 8GB model going up to $349 for the 16GB version.

These prices were for the unlocked version of the device available from the company’s own Google Play Store, and for a new high end Android smartphone is pretty competitive to say the least. Ok the handset doesn’t offer 4G LTE support and the lack of being able to expand the memory on the handset may be a problem for some.

Considering we are now in that busy holiday shopping season $349 for the 16GB version of the LG Nexus 4 will be extremely tempting for many Android fans, especially those that like to experience a vanilla Android experience.

The handset is available in a number of regions via Google Play and in the European region it is priced at €349 and €299 for the two models, but it seems LG may not be all that happy with Google’s competitive pricing of the handset.

Google is a massive company and can afford to offer the smartphone at cost and look to make money on it via its search options and digital content, but LG would be looking to make money on each handset it sells. The Spanish arm of the Carphone Warehouse has taken to its Facebook page to reveal it won’t be selling the Nexus 4 as LG wants the handset priced at €599, which is obviously a lot higher than it is on Google Play.

The company has decided to suspend sales of the device because of the conditions put down by LG, and wants to be able to offer its customers the best price possible for the handset. This seems to suggest that LG wants retail outlets to sell the Nexus 4 for a higher price, but on the Google Play in the UK the Nexus 4 is priced at £239 and £279, while the Carphone Warehouse website has the handset listed free when taken with a new contract starting at £31 per month, but there is no pricing for SIM free or pay as you go.

If retailers do have to list the handset for a lot more than it is priced on Google Play it is pretty obvious that consumers will just go to Google Play to pick up the device. Are you getting the Nexus 4?


12 thoughts on “Google Nexus 4 release pricing confusion”

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    Michael says:

    The main reason this phone got my attention was the attractive price, if I rised to compete with the S3 and iPhone 5 then I’d rather just buy one of them

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    ian hunter says:

    I’m in Google”” I’ve had ever iteration of android and I love what they are doing for the mobile world. massive fan to say the least.


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    Ted says:

    Do not expect almost any sales from countries like Italy, Austria and Cyprus (where I live) where there is no google play store support. I am an owner of LG optimus 2x and know LG’s bad history with consumer support. If LG is going to be like this then I and many others will probably never buy any other lg products for a long time. Makes me think if I should just buy a used HTC One X from the newspaper for 300 euro.

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    Bob says:

    If LG decides to price it at lets say $766 *USD* and google prices it at $349, I think the obvious choice would be to go to google and buy it and leave LG bankrupt. Sorry LG, don’t be greedy.

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      anon says:

      LG won’t become bankrupt, every phone Google sells will bee bought from LG so LG is still making a little profit, and it it Google selling them at a loss.

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    craig bullen says:

    will be ordering one from the uk on the 13th from the google play store for £279.
    i was prepared to get a galaxy note II on a £35 per month contract but the savings the nexus 4 sim free would make me it sems a no brainer

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    Does it matter? says:

    It would promote black marketing of the said handset. people will just buy it in US and ship it overseas and will end up making more than google and LG itself. now if they want that then I am sure a lot of people would readily oblige.

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    puneet0501 says:

    Guys one serious question. I am based in Europe and has a friend right now in US who was supposed to fly back on 21st Novermber and thus me and my gf we both sold our phones as he was gonna bring us two nexus4. While now suddenly his return has been preponed to 17th Novermber. So can he order the phones at midnight of 12th November as soon as it is 13th or will he have to wait till morning and most importantly will he be able to recieve them by 16th latest?? Or will they be available in any stores in US at the same price as google store (I heard about LGs debacle in European pricing). So to sum up if he orders as soon as the order is up or so will he get them by 16 or can he buy them in stores at the same price? Bottomline will he be able to buy these two phones for me and my gf at the said price. Now we are really in soup here as both of us are using stone age old phones and have finances ready precisely enough to pay him back euros equivlant to the cost of two nexus4 at USD prices.. Thanks for every suggestion in advance

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