New iPhone 5 Android ICS & Kensington leather cases

At Phones Review we not only bring readers news about new mobile devices but also accessories for those devices. Today we have details of some new cases for the Apple iPhone 5 and while one of the lines is the more customary type, we also have details of another case, which is very cool indeed and could cause some shocks if left around the office. Coming up we have some information for you on Kensington leather cases and also an iPhone 5 Android ICS case.

We’ll start with the more standard type of case but calling these cases standard doesn’t really do them justice as they are very stylish and we reckon many people would like to add one to their Christmas wish lists. The new Kensington Vesto Leather Texture cases for the iPhone 5 are flexible but at the same time hard cases, offering 5 different textured designs. A soft lining on the inside gives protection to the rear of the iPhone 5 and openings in the case give easy access to phone functions such as camera and controls.

The textured designs are very nice indeed offering looks such as snakeskin, leather and lizard pattern and two are black while the other three are grey, brown or teal with varying color trims. The Vesto Leather Texture iPhone 5 cases are priced at $29.99 and available from Kensington here.

Now we come to a very neat case that could be a real talking point. If you have an iPhone 5 have you ever fancied Android Ice Cream Sandwich? Probably not but it does make us chuckle to think that iPhone 5 users can now get a case that replicates an Ice Cream Sandwich. The case from CaseSeraSera and on sale at Etsy literally looks good enough to eat and will encompass your iPhone in an Ice Cream Sandwich design that many will feel is more fitting for an Android smartphone.

However we love the idea of someone using this iPhone 5 case and leaving it around the office. Android and iOS enthusiasts are often so vehement in their loyalties to their platforms that we can only imagine a curious Android device owner picking up the very cool case and their shock when they find it nursing an iPhone 5! It doesn’t just look good though as it also has easy access for the phone controls and ports. It’s also suitable for the iPhone 4 and 4S and is priced at $17.99. Some other very clever photo cover cases are also available from Etsy here so check out the link for more. Alternatively you may be interested in our post from yesterday regarding iPhone 5 Tough Cases.

We’d like to hear what you think about the Kensington cases and also the ICS case for the iPhone. Could you be tempted to wrap your new iPhone in Ice Cream Sandwich? Let us know with your comments.

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