ZTE 5.9-inch Windows Phone with tweaks for HD

It appears that Chinese handset maker ZTE may possibly have a new smartphone up their sleeve. But not just any old handset, because the device is a Windows Phone handset not previously seen. The new ZTE handset doesn’t have a name at the moment, but we do know a couple of things about this mysterious device.

Apparently Lu Qian Hao, the head of marketing for the Chinese company posted an image of the unnamed ZTE smartphone to the Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, reports an article by WMPoweruser.

Along with an image of the handset, Hao also stated that the smartphone will be a flagship handset for ZTE and that the new Windows Phone will come with a 5.9-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel full HD touch screen, along with DTS audio tech for delivering a movie experience.

Judging by the image it would appear the Windows Phone will come in both white and black options and that 5.9-inch display would certainly put the device on par with other smartphone/tablet combos, but other than that nothing else is known about the mysterious handset.

The smartphone also sports the older Windows Phone 7 logo and Windows Phone 8 doesn’t support full HD at the moment, so maybe this ZTE handset will come out to play running Windows Phone 8.5?

Apparently though Microsoft does not officially offer full HD screen resolution support, but rather officially supports up to 720p resolution, so with that in mind one has to take this with the usual dose of scepticism until such times as more details become available.

However, if this turns out to be correct it would appear that ZTE has managed to tweak the device to support full HD.

What do our readers think about this 5.9-inch full HD device, do you think it is fake, or has ZTE come up with the real deal?

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