Expendable Rearmed Android game is PC and Dreamcast classic

There are numerous games from years ago that are now getting a new lease of life on the various mobile platforms that are now being enjoyed by new fans as well. Today we have news of an Android game that is a remake of a classic Dreamcast and PC title called Expendable Rearmed.

The much loved game was loved by fans the first time round in 1999 and now it has been brought up to date for owners of Android mobile devices, and is that classic arcade action shooter with addictive gameplay. The game takes place in AD2463 and your enemy in this top down shooter is the G’neng as you take control of a clone army of Expendable units that are dropped in to defend the last human settlements.

Your mission starts close to home but you have to progress through the galaxy trying to recapture the colonies that have been taken by the enemy shooting everything that moves. There are also plenty of things to blow up as well and the game is not just some minor port as the graphics are right up to date.

There are no loading times as the game features a unique streaming technology, and there are plenty of weapons to choose from to help you in your mission. These include the likes of mini guns, flame throwers, heat seeking missiles, alien weapons, phantasm orbs, rail guns, grenades, and SpiracCannons.

The game has original sound effects and music as well as achievements and global high scores, and there are some new effects that have been designed for the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor, but the game also is compatible with Adreno, Mali, SGX, and Snapdragon hardware.

Expendable Rearmed is available now via the Google Play Store for £1.99/$2.99, and below we have embedded the demo video for you to watch.

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