Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update may hit AT&T any day: Update

Manufacturers of Android smartphones or tablet devices often get blamed for the late rollout of new versions of the operating system, but it can often be down to the individual carriers for holding the updates up. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in many areas have been enjoying the Jelly Bean update for a while now, but over in the US for some users there is still no sign of it, although there are now claims it will hit AT&T any day.

PopHerald are reporting that they have been tipped off that the Jelly Bean update will be arriving for AT&T users next week, and will be the Android 4.1.2 version of Jelly Bean as well. Previously we wondered if the Jelly Bean update would hit AT&T flavoured versions of the Galaxy S3 next in the US, with customers of Verizon then getting it afterwards.

There have been leaks of the Verizon version of the operating system already but the carrier doesn’t have a great history of quickly releasing software updates to its customers. Other carriers such as T-Mobile and U.S. Cellular have yet to provide any details about the update, but this compares to Sprint users that have been enjoying the update for a while now.

Samsung has already made the update available for many users outside of the US with more than thirty countries already getting a taste of Jelly Bean on the handset, but again this is reliant on carriers pushing out the update.

In the UK for instance customers of O2, Vodafone and Three were among the first to receive Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on their Galaxy 3’s, but owners of unlocked models had to wait slightly longer. Meanwhile Orange and T-Mobile customers still have no time line for the updates release at the time of writing.

Owners are advised to keep checking for the update via the Samsung KIES desktop application if they don’t receive the notification for an OTA update. Various owners of Android hardware can be left frustrated waiting for software updates to arrive especially when other versions are already running it.

Are you fed up of waiting for Android Jelly Bean to arrive on your Samsung Galaxy S3?

UPDATE: Jelly Bean 4.1.1 is now available for your AT&T Samsung Galaxy S3, more info right here.


43 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean 4.1.2 update may hit AT&T any day: Update”

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    Soo says:

    is the source reliable? because itd be really awesome if att is releasing 4.1.2 next week. im so glad to hear that they might take a leap to 4.1.2

    1. Reply
      kayakj says:

      there is no great leap to 4.1.2… if they did 4.2 it would be a great leap.. but if they only upgraded to 4.1 when the 4.1.2 update is basically just fixing some bugs and also security patches, they would be dumb…. 4.2 is the newest version of the Android OS though, not 4.1.2

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    ChillyMutt says:

    “Are you fed up of waiting for Android Jelly Bean to arrive on your Samsung Galaxy S3?”

    In a word, YES.

    1. Reply
      PV says:

      Verizon is the absolutely worst, it’s ridiculous that he #1 carrier in the United States still has me waiting on the update along with millions of others. RELEASE THE UPDATE ALREADY !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Reply
    joe says:

    Just called orange and they STILL don’t know when the jelly bean update will be release for the galaxy s3. Absolutely disgraceful and I will definitely never get a contract with orange or ee again…

  4. Reply
    sacbalz says:

    Thanks for the tip, Mark. If it really is 4.1.2 it will be worth the wait. If not I will be jumping ship to Sprint. AT&T has done this to me in the past by promising an update soon when I buy a new phone.

    1. Reply
      kayakj says:

      what does 4.1.2 have that 4.1 doesn’t? ( note, 4.1.2 is not the same as the newly announced version on the next nexus device 4.2)

  5. Reply
    Ray says:

    …and that’s why I’m trading in my Samsung Galaxy S3 for a Nexus 4. The carrier has too much power over this device. It feels like being in a horrible traffic jam in Los Angeles..we keep waiting and waiting and waiting, yet we haven’t gotten far. I love the GS3, but certain circumstances have changed my opinion about this device. As for the Nexus 4, I have no reason to replace the battery. I have no reason to care for LTE. I don’t have LTE where I currently reside. Also, I used to have LTE in Downtown, Los Angeles. Now, LTE is so horrible down here, HSPA+ works better.

  6. Reply
    baxx says:

    orange the worst network ever. finishing contract and move to another network.
    they don’t care about the customers.

  7. Reply
    kamz says:

    yes,seriously at&t sucks.How can one take these many days after google anounced it in the month of june/july.

  8. Reply
    sprintnearfuturecustomer says:

    Seriously…. what is taking tmobile so long??? This is a joke… if I knew this before hand I wouldve went with sprint…. for those of you thinking about going with tmobile dont! As you can see sprint is the number 1 carrier. As you can so see they give there customer what they paid for.. so for the rest of us that are still waiting.. we all wish we went with sprint!!

  9. Reply
    John Alvarez says:

    I am very sick and tired of waiting for Verizon to release the update. They are terrible at pushing out updates and don’t seem to care what their customers think (or they don’t read posts on the internet). I tried several versions of CyanogenMod, but none have been stable enough for me so far. I wish handset makers could skip the power hungry carriers somehow! Who knows if Verizon will get the Nexus 4 and even if they do, I cannot go without LTE.

  10. Reply
    Robert says:

    Orange have just told me that they can’t find anything on the Samsung Website about the jelly bean update, just shows how much they know, sick and tired of waiting 🙁

    1. Reply
      Ricky orange hater says:

      Can’t work out what Orange are playing at. Starting to think they are adding loads of bloat ware to it.

  11. Reply
    Magpie l87l says:

    I am on Orange myself and me and the missus are still waiting for the update to arrive, I phoned Orange last night and they insisted it should be available to all now and told me if there is no updates on Kies to then phone Samsung which I did straight away.

    The person I spoke to said he was on Orange and recieved it 2 days ago but says if we don’t have an update by Monday to ring back and they would look into it for us.

    1. Reply
      chris 1981 says:

      whats samsungs number mate i want to call them as my m8 has jeely bean on here orange but i have not got it and orange told me it was down to samsung ?

  12. Reply
    Charlie says:

    im with orange, managed to talk to a tech support girl who actually had a clue as shes waiting for jellybean on her SGS 3 too..even she didn’t have a clue when its coming, its a joke that they remove the software update tab..just to make sure there bloatware will work on the devices!!

  13. Stil no sign. I think these anonymous tips are just attempts to troll us. AT&T…. no….. ALL US carriers (except Sprint of all carriers) have proven completely incompetent at rolling out updates in a timely fashion. Heck, 4.2 is about to come out. It has come to the point that I am not expecting carriers to actually release anything. Screw ’em. I’m rooting.

  14. Reply
    Daniel Green says:

    I am about to sale my Galaxy S3 and get the new Nexus 4, its already on the version after jellybean 4.2. This waiting is just stupid, ATT claims to be the best but yet we are one of the last ones to get the update, ATT Sucks

  15. Reply
    Woody says:

    I am an AT&T customer from the Oregon coast and have just now downloaded Android Jelly Bean on my Samsung Galaxy S3 November 18th 7:00PM.

  16. Reply
    Guest says:

    “Are you fed up of waiting for Android Jelly Bean to arrive on your Samsung Galaxy S3?”

    Nope. Been running CM10 as my daily ROM since early August and was playing with Jelly Bean a few weeks after it launched in the US. AT&T can suck a warm one…

  17. “Are you fed up of waiting for Android Jelly Bean to arrive on your Samsung Galaxy S3?”

    Nope. Been running CM10 as my daily ROM since early August and was playing with Jelly Bean a few weeks after the SGSIII launched in the US. AT&T can suck a warm one…

  18. Reply
    GSIII user says:

    The ppl who dont pay any thing to get devices get latest updates and we who pay cash have to wait .. very good ..

  19. Reply
    rebellious tony says:

    what i sont get is how VERIZON “our nations top wireless provider” as they like to say is having such a problem sending out the damn update for the s3??? personally this is getting really annoying!!!

  20. Reply
    tuanskie says:

    It’s 11/24, well past the “any day” that ATT is lying about if this report that’s dated 11/8 is correct. Fed up? F##k YES!

  21. Reply
    W.J. says:

    90% of this discussion page is full whiners. Most you men/women sound like pouting little poopy pants, kick’n and screaming about some f’n candy (Jelly bean). Grow the f-up!! So what you don’t have an update. So what you paid cash for your device. Wha..wha…whaaaa!! You can’t do anything to make an upgrade be released by AT&T or Samsung. Even if you got this latest upgrade you’d be ranting about not having the next one. F’n idiots.

  22. Reply
    Mickey says:

    Why the hell are updates still presented to carriers? Google needs to get their updates pushed through phone manufacturers, NOT CARRIERS. I really could care less that my PHONE CARRIER wants to install their own software on MY phone.

  23. Reply
    JoeH says:

    Both verizon and att both sell the apple iphone…. And they are the only one’s not releasing the JB update. Gee I wonder if apple lawsuit against Samsung has anything do with the update delay. HELL YESS….I have verizon and will be dumping them as soon as they raise there rates to get out of my contract. I will be doing business with Sprint after being treated so badly by lil red.

  24. Reply
    freelyn says:

    I’m glad to see that everyone is starting to blame the carriers and not Samsung. The code is out for the S3 and has been released on virtually everyone even in the US on other carriers but AT&T and Verizon are doing their normally slow job of getting it to us. Probably so that they can cram more useless bloatware into the OS. I wish they’d stop bundling crap with the OS and let me install it if I actually want to use their service instead.

    Come on AT&T and Verizon, this poor service is going to catch up with you.

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