Samsung Galaxy Note Android Jelly Bean update needs to release

As you no doubt know, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 came out to play already sporting Android Jelly Bean, whilst the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 10.1 and the Galaxy Note would all be receiving the Android 4.1 update in the not too distant future. We knew this because old Sammy had already confirmed this twice.

True to their word Samsung started delivering the Android Jelly Bean update to the popular Samsung Galaxy S3 a while ago, whilst the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Android 4.1 update has started rolling out, so this will hopefully mean that the Galaxy Note will be next.

The roll out of the Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy Note 10.1 will be well received by owners of the Android slate, but this still leaves owners of the original Samsung Galaxy Note left behind and waiting with no real light at the end of the tunnel, because old Sammy still has not officially confirmed just when the device will be updated.

However, there are whispers flying around that the Samsung Galaxy Note might gain that update sometime in Q4, which of course could signify that the Note just might get updated to Android Jelly Bean this month or sometime in December.

Having said that, one must remember that some Samsung Galaxy Note owners played the endless waiting game to see their device updated to ICS, so there is a possibility that this will turn out to be the same lengthy waiting game for 4.1.

Seriously though, don’t our readers agree that it is about time Samsung delivered the Android Jelly Bean update to the Galaxy Note rather than continually keep those owners waiting?

Feel free to voice your annoyance to our comments area below if you own the Galaxy Note and are fed up with waiting for the Jelly Bean update to hit.


13 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note Android Jelly Bean update needs to release”

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    Stateff says:

    I am really pissed at Samsung, but still I don’t want to bloat my phone by flashing it with the so called leaked releases. So I wait.

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    khacheso says:

    A Tired of hitting the “check Update” menu on my note every 6 hours… so annoying.. come on Samy.. do something

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    bug says:

    Galaxy note my first Samsung phone. Also my last!!!!!!!!! updates are usually 6 months too late and then you have to deal with bugs.

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    Qazibasit says:

    i am on stock ics right now and not in a mood to root my phone just to get the leaked JB. I dont know why samsung delay the updates when they are ready. Even if they need tweaking they can make sone minor updates for that. Their delay frustrates not onky the user but people like me are waiting for the JB so i can decide weather i need to change my phone or not. I am still waiting and confused.

  5. You’d think Samsung would get ALL of the updates done before this little thing called Christmas. Ya know, it could help their business bottom line. People are shopping NOW.

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    Darni187 says:

    Samsung over 10million Note customer’s waiting and a tab gets JB before us? Hope we get 4.1.2 because we been waiting a long.

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    cHeStEr says:

    But in a way.. despite of being late.. they give the note users something special.. like 4.0.4 update with split screen video player picked up from SGS3 and the launcher too.
    Now they plan to put some more of SGS3 and Note 2 features.
    They want to watch the world burn.

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    Shaun Lake says:

    Yes im extremely annoyed that ATT and samsung offer no expplanation..however there is strength in numbers and all Note users should band together to get our point across…waited forever for the Ics,,this is BS…

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    photo hobby says:

    Samsung, your phone software updates are sad and a big part of me regrets leaving Apple who immediately and simultaneously updates all their various iPhones newer than two years all on the same day every six months. Instead of getting more future sales from loyal and committed customers, you are going to chase your existing customers away as soon as their two year contact is over, if not waaay before that.
    Samsung note owner, waited 6 months to get ics, and another six months to get jelly bean. Six months is 25 percent of the life-time of a cell phones contract at which time 90 percent of owners repave them. That is a long long long time to wait Samsung, pathetic.

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