The Hobbit Kingdoms, battle for Middle-earth on Android

Later this month will see the release of The Hobbit movie which is a prequel to the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, and fans that have read the books will be looking forward to the release of the first part of the movie. While waiting for it to be released we have The Hobbit Kingdoms for Android game for you as the battle for Middle-earth continues.

This game is available as a free download for Android users as they look to build and rule their own Elven City or Dwarven, and joining thousands of gamers around the world aiming to defeat the Goblin army’s from the lands beyond the Misty Mountains from the story.

The likes of Throinm, Bilbo, and the wizard Gandalf will be needing your assistance to try and defeat the Goblin threat in this all new strategy game from developers Kabam. You can pick to play as either a Dwarf or an Elf before starting to build up your city and battling the Goblins.

There is still the deep rooted rift between the Dwarves and Elves to contend with though, and the multiplayer strategy game allows you to forge alliances with other leaders, train large armies to battle the Goblins, take on enemies throughout Middle-earth, plan strategies in real time live chat, take part in tournaments, and upgrade your weapons and buildings to improve your city.

During the game you will get to meet Gandalf and Bilbo Baggins from the movie and books, and you can even appoint the likes of Oakenshield, Thorin, and Legolas to lead your armies. Your mission is to defeat the terrors of Mirkwood bringing peace to Rhovanion, but it has to be noted that the game does need a network connection to be played and to find out more head over to Google Play.

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