Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with ugly home button

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is currently one of the most sought after smartphones available to consumers, and the handset is already in the possession of many consumers that are really happy with their purchase. Trouble is if you are a customer of US carrier Verizon Wireless the handset still hasn’t received a solid release date, but the handset has now appeared in a retailer’s store with its ugly home button.

Retailer Best Buy has begun getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in some of its stores ready for the release, and according to Droid Life November 29th is a date that is being tipped, which is just after the recently announced HTC DROID DNA that is launching on the carrier on November 21st.

The demo handsets already in the Best Buy outlets have the multi window feature running, and the carriers own website talks about the feature on the upcoming smartphone and by the looks of things it will come straight out of the box instead of a software update.

Best Buy has pricing for the handset beneath the display with a $799 full retail price, but the company is renowned for pushing up these prices as they only really make any profit from consumers agreeing to new contracts.

As can be seen in the images the Verizon version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will have the carriers branding across the home button that will leave many potential customers not so happy, and in the meantime the handset has been up for pre-order for a while now and has a shipping date of November 27th.

Customers of Verizon will have a couple of great smartphones to choose from in the coming weeks with the HTC DROID DNA and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 being released, but which one will you be choosing?


2 thoughts on “Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with ugly home button”

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    JM_66 says:

    Seriously…who cares if the carrier branding is on the button? It’s funny that this is the important commentary on a great phone? A bigger complaint would be the inability to save apps to the SD card without rooting.

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      modris reinbergs says:

      Exactly! While the S3 is available in the 32GB version at US carriers, the Note 2 is not. Bloggers have lamented that users are complaining about running out of app space on the 16GB model. Impediments block transfer of apps to the SD card. I can get the 32GB and 64GB versions from Korea but no LTE there. There is some LTE in the UK but again only 16GB Note 2’s for it. (The iPhone is available in 64GB – no SD card – but is otherwise inferior). The larger screen size suggests users will want to transfer some laptop and tablet use to the phablet. So I predict the Note 2 will have a short shelf life. I am already planning my move to a 6″ phablet a year from now. Rumored are Sony and Huawei 6″ phablets.

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