iPhone 5 / 4S Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch Release

Over here in the United Kingdom a new watch that is an ideal companion for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 will soon become available, in the form of the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch. The newly launched Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch comes with some truly unique additional features that makes the timepiece stand out from the rest.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch will be available in two styles, and downloading the watches app will enable the user to pair the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch with their iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 over Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy sync.

Once pairing the watch with your iPhone, it instantly activates auto-date and time sync features to ensure no matter how often you change time zones the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch will keep perfect time with the iOS smartphone.

The timepiece also alerts the wearer via vibration at their iPhone and the second hand sweeps to a point at various icons on the dial ring so the user can see if they have an incoming email, calendar entry or call.

The Proximity Watch also features a Find feature that when activated, your iPhone will ring so you can find it if you have misplaced the handset, and if you happen to forget your iPhone, the Proximity Watch will vibrate to let you know that the Bluetooth connection has been broken.

The Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is a watch that never requires a battery because it is powered by any light, is 100 metre water resistant, and features 1-second chronograph measures up to 60-minutes, dual power reserve indicator, and local time and second time zone.

Of course this isn’t the first smartphone watch we have seen, as several Bluetooth watches have shown up in the past such as the Sony WIMM One and inPulse. There was also a concept watch way back in January this year, which was for the iPhone, called the iWatch.

However, the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch is definitely a reality, and will be available in a stainless steel version and a stainless steel with black icon plating, as of the 19th of this month, and can be purchased from the WatchShop UK website, commanding a price tag of £399 with free delivery.

Will any of our iPhone toting readers be considering purchasing the Citizen Eco-Drive Proximity Watch to pair with their iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

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