Apple refurbished gear available at eBay outlet

When it comes to purchasing a smartphone, tablet or laptop there are many that consider price before opting to buy, and let’s face it these days not many can afford to shell out a large bundle of cash. However if you don’t mind picking up a refurbished device, this can save you a bundle.

For those that would like to own an Apple device, but have found prices for Apple gear somewhat too steep, as long as you don’t mind refurbished Apple gear, it appears that eBay is now offering refurbished Apple products.

A report by Phone Arena has it that eBay has now opened an Apple certified refurbished products outlet, where you can get your hands on such devices as an iPad, iPod Touch, Mac or Macbook at a reduced price.

Apparently all refurbished Apple products have undergone rigorous quality control, and come with a one year warranty. So for example if you are in the market for a 32GB Wifi third generation iPad in black or white it will set you back $469,

However if you are after an iPhone, it appears that currently the eBay refurbished Apple gear outlet doesn’t offer any of the iOS smartphones, so you are out of luck.

But if you simply can’t afford to shell out the price Apple is asking for a new 3-rd generation iOS tablet, then perhaps the refurbished route from eBay is the way to go so you can get the device for less.

Of course if the eBay outlet doesn’t offer just what you are looking for you can always visit Apple’s refurbished products centre, although again I can’t see any iPhone handsets.

As cash is quite strapped for some this festive season, will any of our readers be taking advantage of a refurbished Apple device so they can save a bit of cash?

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