iPad mini Otterbox Defender case review admires practicality

With the recent news that the iPad mini will now have an even greater reach thanks to the LTE version being made available on several more carriers, there will now be an even greater number of consumers and business people looking for ways to protect their latest Apple iOS device.

Having already looked at the Cygnett WorkMate Pro Case and also cases with built-in keyboards, we thought now would be the perfect time to look at a more rugged design to help offer greater protection. The iPad mini Otterbox Defender would be that very case.

Whenever you hear the name Otterbox you know what you are getting, but will this latest version be worth the investment? Like all cases from this series it’s made up of five parts, all of which helps to keep your iPad mini cocooned in a protective casing. This case will not completely close your smaller iPad up to the environments, but what it will do is help protect your device if you accidentally dropped it.

All of the switches on the side are protected by dust covers, but your camera will only have protection around it, so dust will still get onto the lens and flash — so don’t go dropping it in water at any cost. You’ll be pleased to know that the Lighting ports also has a dust cover, but the holes that expose the speakers are open to the elements as well.

The latest iPad mini Otterbox Defender case is not for all owners of Apple’s latest tablet, but for the market it’s aimed at — well it’s pretty much one of the best out there. A recent review has been looking into the many positives and negatives of this case and admires its practicality. They note that while the smaller Otterbox Defender is still the same as its larger brother by offering a tank-proof design, they admire how they have been able to give it an understated design, which is just what you need to help separate the iPad mini from some of its thicker rivals.

Okay, the iPad mini Otterbox Defender is not the best on the market, but for $69.95 or around £44 does offer greater value for money considering the amount of protection it offers.