New UK carrier The People’s Operator gives profits to charity

There has been a big thing made in the UK recently about large organisations earning billions in profit but only paying a tiny fraction of their profits in tax, but today we have news of a new UK mobile phone carrier in the country being launched that will give some of its profits to charity.

Consumers in the UK can now use their mobile phones while giving to charity every time they call someone or send a text message, which is because a new mobile phone operator has launched in the UK called The People’s Choice, and according to TechRadar the company will donate 25 percent of its profits to good causes.

The carrier is what’s known as a mobile virtual network operator as it piggy backs onto another company’s network, and in this case its EE formerly Everything Everywhere. As the network gets bigger the good causes that will be getting donations will also grow, and has seen the formation of the TPO Foundation.

This will provide ongoing support to community groups and charities around the country with more partners added to help market the idea. Users of the network will have the widest mobile coverage throughout the country using the EE network, which is made up from combining the T-Mobile and Orange infrastructure.

To begin with the carrier is only offering customers a pay as you go option with users charged 12.5p a minute and 7.5p per text message, although calls and texts between users of the carrier will be free. Meanwhile data use is priced at 12.5p per Mb of data and there should be the option of using EE’s 4G network eventually along with pay monthly plans.

Customers of the new network will have the option of deciding where ten percent of their spending will be donated too, and receive text updates how the donations are being used. The company feels that this giving to charity will encourage more consumers to decide to become customers, and for more information hit the official website.

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