Nexus 10 gets teardown treatment

When a new device hits the mobile space, sooner or later someone feels the need to grab a screwdriver and find out just how easy it is to get to the internals of a smartphone or tablet. We’ve seen many teardowns in the past, and now the recently released Samsung built Nexus 10 has been given the teardown treatment.

Usually when it comes to disassembling a tech product it is normally the guys over at iFixit that are first to deliver the internal goods, but this time round it is Powerbookmedic that have gotten hold of the Android Jelly Bean slate and taken it apart to see just how easy it is.

It appears that whilst Apple makes it somewhat difficult to get inside their iOS devices, when it comes to old Samsung and Google gear it is a very different story, as getting inside the Google Nexus 10 was very easy, which makes the Android tablet extremely repairable.

For those that have a hankering to take their Nexus 10 apart, for whatever reason, all you require to get the back cover off is a Philips screwdriver to remove five screws, a suction cup and a little force to remove it from the display.

Once inside, the removal of the battery is fairly simple as the connector is rubberised and flexible rather than plastic, and thus less likely to break, and then after removing the eleven Philips screws the battery can be lifted out with ease.

Most of the components seem to be held in place by #00 Philips screws, so all that is really needed is a screwdriver of that size, a flat tool for prising things up, and just a little bit of force here and there as there isn’t a great deal of adhesive used inside the device.

So there you have it, if you are contemplating disassembling your Nexus 10 for whatever reason, at least you now know it shouldn’t be that much of a daunting experience to accomplish.

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