Nexus 4 hits the street to test durability

When we say hits the street, we of course mean the pavement. As what we have for our readers consideration below is a drop test video that sees the latest Google smartphone being given a couple of drops onto the pavement to see just how durable the Nexus 4 actually is, and whether it can survive unscathed.

Of course most new devices that come out in the mobile space sooner or later go through the drop test treatment, and this Nexus 4 drop test video comes our way courtesy of Phone Arena in which we get to see some guy let the Android smartphone fall from pocket height and then ear height.

Obviously those two heights are the usual heights one would accidentally drop their device from in everyday use, but naturally we are not suggesting for one minute that you try this with your own Nexus 4 to see if it can survive, especially as you have handed over your hard earned cash for the device.

Personally I still can’t quite fathom why anyone would put their own handset through a drop test from any height as there is a chance you just might end up shattering the device, so perhaps these people don’t have to pay for the devices themselves, who knows.

Anyway, the commentary in the Nexus 4 footage is in German, so you might not be able to understand what is being said, but then you don’t need to know what the guy is saying to see what is going on and find out the results of both drops.

Of course I’m not going to let on just how the Nexus 4 in question fares, otherwise there’s no point of having the video, but rather let you head on down and hit that play button to find out for yourself…enjoy.

One question, would any of our readers be willing to drop their own smartphone on a pavement just to see if it gets damaged, or are you more sensible?


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