Nokia Here Maps for iOS is pure rubbish

iOS device users will obviously know that Apple Maps wasn’t all that Apple made it out to be, and no doubt some of the iOS faithful are regretting Apple ditching Google Maps. However there is a new maps app for iOS devices that is now available called Nokia Here Maps, which one would have thought might be at a minimum more preferable than using Apple Maps.

Nokia Here Maps for iOS devices is based on the NAVTEQ mapping data that is used in 90 percent of in-car navigation systems across the globe, so one would assume Nokia Here Maps will be good as it lets the user explore new destinations, and know how to get there on foot, public transport or by car.

The Nokia Here Maps app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad features map views that shows satellite view, public transport line view, a live traffic view, along with being able to save map areas and wader without data coverage.

The application also features the ability to search history and suggestions, share places, location and how to get their via email, social networks and SMS, step-by-step voice guided walking navigation, public transport and driving directions.

Nokia Here Maps enables the user to login to Here Maps with their Nokia account or Facebook login, and sync with Here.net, and in selected countries access community maps created and updated by users.

For those iOS users that haven’t yet downloaded Nokia Here Maps to their iOS device, you can grab the app for free from iTunes.

However, we have received a few emails from Phones Review readers giving us a heads up that Nokia Here Maps isn’t all that it is cracked up to be, with reports coming in that the app is a web app that is quite slow, and somewhat buggy.

Some complaints state that the app doesn’t offer turn-by-turn directions when driving, no traffic info, ugly bitmap images, along with missing streets, and blurry satellite views, too small icons, and generally somewhat lacking in features, whilst a few simply say Nokia Here Maps is pure rubbish.

So perhaps Nokia Here Maps is no better than using Apple Maps, so maybe it is better to give this app a miss for now at least until it gets updated so that it works a lot better.

If any of our iOS device owning readers out there have downloaded Nokia Here Maps, feel free to let us know what you think of the app by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


7 thoughts on “Nokia Here Maps for iOS is pure rubbish”

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    author_neel says:

    Hey author!! Have you ever tried Nokia maps?? No?? Then you should because it’s one of the best and never ever try to compare it with low-class apple maps. Many good reviewers have rewarded it as best in its class even better than ypu so called DITCHED Google maps. And Navigation is also good unless you live in a poor country and I guess you have no sense since you are relying on others for writing an article. Sad

    1. We have in fact played around with it and we will be reviewing it over the coming weeks, we have found a few problems and we will be talking about these. A few users have complained and that it why we mentioned these issues above.

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        me says:

        And with that said your article states that it is “pure rubbish” thats quite harsh, choose your wording better, pure rubbish would be if it loaded a blank screen and didnt work.

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      Boo says:

      Just look at app reviews in iTunes. Here maps are ugly (no retina), statically oriented to north, satelite is good only in NY, rest of world outdated. And walking directions are total mess, especially in Europe. Overall performance is slow, it is no native app, just wrapped html.

  2. Usability is weak (compared to both old and new iOS maps, and also Android maps), but at least it actually has transit directions. Traffic in my area seems to cover highways only, which is better than the new iOS Maps, but lagging far behind Google’s traffic data.

    Can’t vouch for the accuracy, but a couple of simple test trips seemed accurate enough. Right now this is the only option for general-purpose iOS native transit directions, so that alone ought to push adoption in some of the major cities.

    Still looking forward to Google’s return to iOS, but this offers some advantages over iOS Maps.

    See, it’s not so hard to actually download the app before reviewing!

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