Tesco Phone Shop for over 50s jargon help

Naturally there are many people that haven’t grown up with all the latest mobile technology, and some that let’s say are getting on in years do have a bit of a difficult time grasping all the tech jargon that can be bandied about when ordering a smartphone. That’s not to say that all the older generation have this difficulty of course.

However, the fact is that some older people do struggle to understand the sales pitch when it comes to mobile devices or even other tech products. Tesco though is looking to change that by getting rid of that tech jargon used by mobile store assistants, and have drafted in a contingent of technology savvy over 50’s store staff to chop through all that tech speak.

Tesco Phone Shop spoke to over 50’s and found that many of those over 50 feel somewhat confused by the tech speak store staff use, they get befuddled by such things as tariff and contract options, whilst they basically feel sales people in some retailers simply don’t understand which device would fit the customers lifestyle.

Apparently some of the older generation find purchasing a mobile phone more daunting that paying a visit to their bank manager or doctor, whilst organising insurance or popping the car to a garage is more preferable that shopping for a tech device, and this is despite 54 percent of over 50’s using a handset daily.

Basically when it comes down to the figures, 48 percent are confused by the tech speak that store staff use, whilst 43 percent feel sales staff simply don’t understand them when it comes to getting a device that fits their lifestyle. Furthermore apparently 28 percent of over 50’s avoid tech shops both online and on the high street

Therefore Tesco Phone Shop has trained a special team of what they call Super Silvers to get to grips with these problems. The team consists of eight members that will take their expertise to their individual shops with the task of helping their colleagues understand what an older customer needs.

If this pilot scheme turns out to be a success, Tesco Phone Shop will roll out the Super Silvers scheme across their store network.

Are any of our readers over the age of 50 and struggle with the tech jargon some retail sales staff use, or do you already know what device you are after before going into the store?

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