Android WP8 Launcher app suffers install issues

Those of you who own an Android handset would have made their decision based on many factors, but that does not mean there will still be a few of them envious of how Windows Phone 8 looks. It’s for this very reason that there is now the WP8 Launcher app, and while you may not be able to download it via Google Play, there are still ways to get hold of this custom UI.

However, before you even consider this we’re hearing that some users are suffering install issues with WP8 Launcher app for Android after they had tried to add and modify a few shortcuts. We’ve also heard from some people who installed the app that it no longer responds, even after rebooting as well. We do hope that this is not a widespread issue because the idea of the app only lasting for 15 minutes before it becomes unresponsive is not only a waste of time, but a shame because some Android users have been waiting to get their handset looking a little like Windows Phone 8.

Because we’re not hearing too much on this issue, one would assume that it’s isolated to a select few, so means you will not have to jump ship and get a Windows 8 Phone, because your Android handset can soon perform like it — although not too certain why people would want to do this?

After looking over the app we found there to be not much difference between the WP8 Launcher and WP7, although it’s worth noting that there are more customization options. Just like the real WP8 you can customize your home screen with a series of tiles, which will certainly help bring a little more glamour to Android. There’s a huge choice of tiles to choose from, with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even an Alarm Clock being some of the most popular choices.

Personally we would hate to keep using such a UI because we much rather have an Android handset perform correctly with no fear of any software clashes, although we run that risk every time we download and install a new app.

As the WP8 Launcher for Android is no longer available on Google Play, we have managed to track down an install file here, but we do stress that you install this at your own risk. This was last updated on the 13th of this month and brings a host of fixes and new features.

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