Nexus 4 16GB in stock at Carphone Warehouse with high price

The need for the LG Nexus 4 is mighty at the moment and this was proven when the Google Play Store sold out in no time at all, but not to worry because the 16GB Nexus 4 by LG is now on sale over at Carphone Warehouse, which is great news for all those in the UK. The question is “Are you ready to spend a pretty penny?” the high price may determine how bad you really want this phone.

No one knows the exact date Google will have this smartphone back in stock but it is looking like the end of December. If they do decide to get more stock in and by the time they ship it out, then say goodbye to receiving it before Christmas day.

The Google Nexus 4 at the moment is a well sought after mobile phone and when they sold out over on Google Play consumers were going out of their way to find them elsewhere, those in the UK will be flocking over to Carphone Warehouse right now but will get a little shock because they are selling the Nexus 4 SIM free for a staggering £389.95, which is a lot steeper than Google Play’s price of £279 for the 16GB version.

The other option includes contract, if you wish to pay monthly from £31 per month you can get the Nexus 4 for free. These are also going to sell out super fast so we suggest you get on over to Carphone Warehouse and buy now, if you think for the SIM free 16GB Nexus 4 at £389.95 is too expensive then hold out a little longer for new Google Play stock, let’s say a little longer like in the New Year.

We have reported a lot about this phone over the last week or so, and now we would like to give you a few recaps on what has been happening. We have not heard of many problems with the Nexus 4 since its release but apparently there is a camera bug found in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, now we have asked around trying to find solid ground about this bug and have not heard anything back from any user. However, the bug was found by one user who was shooting a video in London with the built-in video camera and found that it limits the quality of the video, please read more about this here (Videos Included).

We would also like to remind you that there is a new app out called ‘Nexus 4 Stock Alert’ that can be set between 1 and 30 minutes, this app apparently alerts you with a yellow star and audible sounds when Google Play has more Nexus 4’s in stock. If you do decide to buy the Nexus 4 via Carphone Warehouse you might be interested in the new bumper case for it, for more information and a great hands-on video of this case please read more here, and you may also want to read a great review here.

Please do let us now if you will be buying the Nexus 4 smartphone via Carphone Warehouse, do you think the price is a little too high?


9 thoughts on “Nexus 4 16GB in stock at Carphone Warehouse with high price”

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    Jameel says:

    Unless you’re a blogger who makes some good advertising revenue from reviewing it. why would you pay £100+ more.

    1. Reply
      Kieran M says:

      Unfortunately there are too many ignorant consumers who apparently lack basic Google research skills. Brick and mortar stores are still the first port of call for a lot of people, and they still listen to the advice of store staff who are more than likely trying to shift as many of these ridiculously priced Nexus 4’s before they’re back in stock in the Play store and word gets out they can be had for cheaper.

      Case in point, I know few people who have recently bought year old Blackberry’s on the advice of in-store staff.

      1. Reply
        Jameel says:

        It’s funny you say that because I was speaking to a friend the other day about how those stores survive and really we came to the conclusions they are just for completely clueless people be they the elderly, or those who have no idea how the internet works.
        That said- I enjoy those stores are still around because I can go in and flick around on a phone before I buy. Just popped into the EE store near me yesterday and checked out the One X+. the new Huawei, Note 2, S3 etc and even the nexus 7…but buy from there? never.

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    Rob says:

    There is no way in hell that I’ll pay over the odds for a Nexus 4, even though it’s top of my next-phone list. Why should I pay over £100 more for it now, when it’ll be available for the lower price within a couple of weeks (I hope!!!)? Google needs to limit purchases to two per person (or address) if it’s to avoid another selling-out-in-minutes debacle.

    1. Reply
      Jameel says:

      Depends on the term. the reason 18 and 24 month contracts are the norm now is because the networks need to recoup their costs for the hardware which is more expensive than it use to be. but at a cost of £240 to the customer, or £279…if this was on anything more than a 12, I’d scoff at that. Sick of networks taking advantage.

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    Alex Gallacher says:

    The O2 cost is £620.99 for 24 months. 200min, 0.5GB data, unlimited text, 250 O2 to O2 minutes If the Nexus 4 ever reappears at £279 call it £290 including postage. With GiffGaff £10 a month gets you 250 min Unlimited txt 1GB data & includes unlimited mins GiffGaff to GiffGaff comes to £530. 3 Essential 12 month sim only £6.90 per month 200min, 0.5GB 5000 txt no minutes 3 to 3 £455.60. Even buying the phone on a 17% credit card over 2 years £340 is still cheaper

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