YouTube app for iPad iOS 6 release still MIA, best alternatives

It’s now been two months since Apple released iOS 6 and in that time there have been a number of app updates to make full use of the new mobile OS. One of the most popular apps did not make it onto the iPad running iOS 6, which would have previously been pre-installed. This was the same story with the iPhone as well, but those who installed the update were able to go to the App Store and download an official version of the YouTube app.

However, those running iOS 6 on the iPad would have noticed that the YouTube app to support the larger display was MIA and so had to install the iPhone version and then zoom in, although there are other alternatives, which we’ll get to a little later. One would have presumed that the official YouTube app for iPad would have been released by now, but for some reason Google are dragging their heals a little.

We can’t be certain if Google will ever release the official YouTube app for those iPad’s running iOS 6, but it’s not too much of a concern for some as they have sourced other alternatives.

First up we have YouPlayer, which is a YouTube player specially designed for iOS 6 and because it supports the iPad there’s none of that zooming in rubbish. This was last updated on November the 17th and adds the Playlists and Watch Later features.

Next up we have vTube for YouTube and was last updated on the 19th of November. This app makes it easy to watch YouTube videos on the iPad and because it has such a clean and slick design some of you will not care that it’s not the official app from Google.

When we asked several people as to what the best YouTube alternative app for the iPad running iOS 6 was, many of them agreed that it was Jasmine, which was created by Morrissey Exchange Pty Ltd. The interface is much cleaner than the official app ever was and it’s certainly smooth and responsive as well.

While there are more than just three YouTube app alternatives, these ones we selected are often referred to as the best, but we’d love to know your opinion on that. However, if you still wish to view YouTube videos officially then your best option is to use Safari and go directly to the YouTube webpage, although it’s not as easy to navigate and use some of the features.

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