HTC One X Jelly Bean update makes its global debut

We always like to keep out readers up to date with all the goings on with the various Android operating system updates, which for some customers can be a long and frustrating wait. Taiwan based HTC have not always been the best company in the smartphone world to push out updates to its handsets, but today we have news that the HTC One X Jelly Bean update has begun making its global debut.

After many false starts it is being reported by HTCSource that the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update has begun rolling out to handsets around the world, and at the time of writing it seems this is only unlocked handsets for now. As always carrier specific versions can take a little longer while the various companies give the software the OK.

The software update brings with it HTC’s Sense 4+ Android overlay along with an improved UI, new landing page, better power management, and other new features. The update is touching down in various parts of the world and is being pushed out in two parts.

First owners of the handset are requested to download a file sized at 1.65MB, and after this is installed a larger file of around 360MB in size will be downloaded. Earlier this month the company revealed plans for the rollout for the Android Jelly Bean update and stated that the One X and One S would be among the first handsets to get the update.

The Jelly Bean firmware builds on Android ICS but promises and even smoother and faster user experience with better notifications, which allow users to quickly access and interact with alerts via the drop down menu without the need to open an application.

If you are the owner of an HTC One X and have yet to receive the download you can manually check yourself by going to the Settings option before selecting About and Software updates. It is advised that owners download the firmware via a good Wi-Fi connection and make sure their handset has plenty of juice left in the battery before starting the download.

Has your HTC One X received Jelly Bean yet?


13 thoughts on “HTC One X Jelly Bean update makes its global debut”

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    Ashwin Bhargava says:

    Happened with me yesterday…. Had to manually check it.
    Took lot of battery, from 80% charge, with no other applications running, it went to 32% at the completion of installation.
    Yet to analyze the status of battery after JB update. Seems some specific software for battery enhancement is there 🙂

  2. Reply
    izani says:

    I,ve just upgrade my one x to jb few days ago..but the problem is the camera function looks like downgraded..there’s no more low light function and when taking picture with flash during night,the picture quality was so so so poor..the picture taken seems like there’s smoke in front of the object..I,m from Malaysia..does anyone have the same prob..????

    1. Reply
      Ice says:

      i also had the same problem few days ago… pictures came out smoky and grainy, but after i configure out the settings, it’s now working fine. Try to open the camera settings and find the scene selection… choose ‘Portrait’… that solves my problem.

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