32GB Nexus 7 UK price reduction annoyance

We are now less than four weeks away from that time of year where we will be receiving and giving gifts to our loved ones and friends. Many of us will be looking to pick up a new piece of mobile tech for ourselves or someone else with many new desirable products available such as a tablet or smartphone. We can now tell you of a 32GB Nexus 7 UK price reduction that can cause some annoyance among consumers.

I recently told you I was looking to pick up the Nexus 7 with 32GB of storage as a Christmas gift for my wife, and after searching around online and inside some retail stores noticed quite a bit of variation in pricing.

Some stores such as Tesco were charging the same price for the 16GB version as rival retailers were asking for the 32GB model. I eventually picked up the device via catalogue retailer Argos for £199.99 and was happy with my purchase as many other stores although the same price had run out of stock.

As always getting a new piece of tech in the lead up to Christmas you could hold out and hope for a price reduction, but then run the risk of not being able to get hold of the chosen product because stores have run out. Along with the Nexus 4 the Nexus 7 has been hugely popular since it was released back in the summer, and arguably even more so now with the addition of more storage and a 3G option.

We have now noticed that high street retailer the Carphone Warehouse has dropped the price of the 32GB Nexus 7 to only £179, which is £20 below the Google Play asking price and what many other retailers are asking. Previously the retailer was offering the device for £195 and this latest price drop will certainly cause some interest.

At the time of writing there is stock available for delivery to your home or to your local store which is free, but upon checking for stock at my local store it showed there wasn’t any so if it’s the 32GB Nexus 7 your interested in getting you better be quick at this price.

Will you be getting the Nexus 7 from the Carphone Warehouse or have you noticed any other deals?


4 thoughts on “32GB Nexus 7 UK price reduction annoyance”

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    Wigwam says:

    They are all described as brown, there is no difference where you buy. The colour of the back is as close to black as you can get without actually being black!

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    Hagler2002 says:

    I wonder how many they actually sold at this price, probabaly only a handful. Anyway it seems to have dissapeared off their site now.

    Nothing more than a advertising ploy imo.

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