iHome iHM79 Portable Speakers Hands-on Review

We here at Phones Review get all kinds of accessories sent to us, but we like ones that stand out and have that “I would love to have one of those”, well today we are reviewing the iHome iHM79 Portable Speakers sent to us courtesy of MyTrendyPhone. There are many devices such as tablets, mobile phones, laptops and many more that allow us to listen to music, but the only downside to that is we need a little more oomph when it comes to sound.

How many times have you been out in the open when you decided it was the right time to listen to some music lets say via your smartphone, you press the play button and the volume is right up to the max and yet still it is not loud enough. Well today we are going to see if the SDI iHome iHM79 Portable Speakers are up to the job in provided a great sound.

There are many mobile accessories on the market and other than cases; speakers are one of the most searched products online. Please read our little hands-on review of the iHome iHM79 Speakers, after reading we would love to know what you think.

First Impressions
At first sight the iHome iHM79 portable speakers look fantastic, we automatically had it in our minds that these are highly portable and can easily be moved around the home, can be moved to the garden or even a great set of speakers for your hotel on holiday. If you are looking for iPod accessories then maybe these speakers might end up on your list of must haves.

The Design
We love the design because of the sleekness; the vacuum bass design when on show adds that extra good looks of quality, but looks can be demolished if they sound terrible. The capsule shape speakers have magnets in the bottom allowing them to be attached together for portability, and when you are ready to play some music or watch a movie from a mobile device your ready to go by simply detaching and opening them up. These are perfect if you are on the hunt for iPhone accessories, we tested these speakers using an iPhone 5 and the sound is very good indeed. We also tested with a Samsung galaxy S3 and a Galaxy Note 2 and all three of these smartphones looks fantastic, so the sleek looks of these speakers go well sitting with these handsets.

The Key Features
The two amplified speakers come fitted with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that can be charged whilst listening via a USB cable, you do get a nice carry case so they do not get damaged whilst on the move. The vacuum bass speakers give a great depth to the sound, we will explain more about this in a moment, in the box it comes with a cable with a USB fitting, headphone jack plug and two other fittings that connect to the speakers. The size is as follows: Height is 1.42 in./36 mm, Depth at 2.09 in./53 mm, Weight comes in at 1.92 oz./54.43 grams and the Width is 2.09 inches/53 mm. Both speakers have an ON/Off switch, LED power charge indicator and Magnetic base that allow the speakers to stay together whilst travelling.

We tested with these phones shown above, and by putting them next to the speakers it shows the speaker sizes

The Positives
The iHome iHM79 portable multimedia speakers are compact and the sound is very good considering the size, love the fact that they have built in batteries, which means they can be chard easily without the worries of having to hunt down individual batteries.

The Negatives
The cables spoils the look of the speakers, you have these all set up with your nice smartphone or iPad and the cables make it all look messy. Personally these would have been fantastic if they were Bluetooth operated, when you turn the volume high on your device the speakers do distort a little. We tested the speakers using the Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and the iPhone 5, and all had similar sound.

Phones Review Overall Summary
For the price of the iHome iHM79 Portable Speakers they are well worth the buy, if they were a little more expensive then we would have said they were not worth the money. We really love these speakers; they are very easy to use, so quick to set-up and provide a good sound considering how small they are. Do not expect to get a rich stereo sound from these because you will not get it, they are value for money and we would recommend a pair of these and you should add to your wishlist.

We give the iHome iHM79 speakers a 7 out of 10 for value for money, great looks, compact and because they sound fantastic for the size. We would have given a 9 if they were Bluetooth compatible rather than cabled. Please remember these speakers are compatible with most devices that have a 3.5mm headphone jack, making them perfect for all the top tablets, smartphones and iPods.

Where to Buy and Price

Please visit MyTrendyPhone for more information and the option to buy for only £47.80 GBP, these are very worthy speakers. Please do check out our hands-on photos below.

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