iPhone 5 Lightning Dock by Gear4, simplicity is best

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 5 you will probably want to get hold of a dock that utilises the Lightning connector on your iOS smartphone at some point or another, But what you maybe really want is a very simple dock for your iPhone 5 that doesn’t make a large dent in your bank account, and this is where Gear4’s simplistic Lightning Dock comes into play
There are several docks for the latest iOS smartphone available, but with the Lightning Dock from Gear4, it takes a very simplistic approach and offers a built in pivoting Lightning connector that does exactly what you want it to do.

Basically the Lightning Dock simply holds your iPhone 5 and charges the device, whilst the pivot connector allows you to place your iOS smartphone on and off the dock with ease, and tilts the handset backwards slightly when in place so you can still use your iPhone 5.

The Gear4 Lightning Dock offers a compact desktop design and is perfect for syncing iTunes or photos to your Mac or PC, and has been designed to the latest Apple specifications, and also works with the iPod Touch 6th generation, whilst the dock also features a hole in the rear for a microUSB cable.

The only downside to the Lightning Dock though is that the device doesn’t sport an audio jack for bashing out your beats on your stereo, but then again you can always achieve that via Airplay so it might not be that much of a problem for you.

Have to say though if your love simplistic designed gear then they don’t come any more simplistic that this Lightning Dock, which as far as I can see is only available in white, but does look nice with the black iPhone 5.

As for purchasing the dock, the Lightning Dock commands a very reasonable price tag of £34.99 a pop, but unfortunately is currently out of stock, but there’s nothing stopping you slapping in a pre-order for the Lightning Dock over at the Gear4 website if you wish to do so.

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