Kill off in-app Android ads with Adblock Plus

More often than not when you download a free mobile app to your Android device, that app will come with in-app Android adverts, which can be somewhat annoying at times to say the least. But what if you could download an Android app that could put an end to all those annoying ads without having to root your device, wouldn’t that be neat?

Well you can now do just that with the Adblock Plus app for Android, an application that blocks all online advertising when browsing and when using other applications on your Android device, so that you can have add free playing and viewing.

The Adblock Plus app blocks such ads as banners, video advertising, mobile adverts, display ads, push notifications, HTML5 ads and many more.

The Adblock Plus app will block adverts over 3G and WiFi if your device is rooted, or if your devices isn’t rooted, the app will block ads over WiFi on devices running Android 3.1 or above. If you own a device running Android 3.0 or lower, some manual configuration will be required.

Just so you are aware, the Adblock Plus app icon will show in the notification area, which can itself be somewhat annoying, but the icon has to be there otherwise the Android system will simply stop the app from working, and it wouldn’t be able to block those adverts, but the developer is looking at ways to make it more optional.

Also Adblock Plus will probably become the highest data using app on your device, and this is due to the app needing to filter all data to make sure the adverts are blocked, but is actually only using a fraction of the data shown.

For those Android faithful that would like advantage of what the Adblock Plus app for Android has to offer, you can download the application to your chosen Android device for free by visiting Google Play.

Any of our Android readers already using Adblock Plus, if so feel free to share your opinion of the app to our comments area below.

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