Nexus 4 pre-order now with excruciating shipping time

The Google Nexus 4 smartphone by LG is the latest pure Google Android Nexus handset and as such has met with phenomenal demand. It sold out almost instantly when it first went on sale unlocked through the Google Play Store on November 13 but we finally heard that further stock would go on sale again yesterday, renewing hope for the countless people still waiting to order. Today we can tell you that the Nexus 4 can be pre-ordered again now but that shipping times may be excruciating for some who are eagerly waiting.

There was some criticism for the way that Google handled the initial release of the Nexus 4 as the company seemed woefully unprepared for the huge demand for the phone. However with top-end specs and a low unlocked price many felt it was always obvious that customer desire for this phone would be massive, especially with a launch in the busy holiday season.

We had many comments from readers about the frustration caused when the Nexus 4 sold out so quickly. Although some were disappointed that they didn’t get to order one of the first batch, even more felt let down that once it sold out the order option was removed. Many of you expressed that you would rather have ordered one knowing it would arrive at some point, than have to keep checking if it had come back in stock. Finally we could tell readers that Google was about to replenish stock and the Nexus 4 resumed sale at Google Play in the US yesterday.

However it now seems there is further frustration as many found they still could not order one because the ordering system could not cope with the demand. Google acknowledged this issue by stating that the Nexus 4 wasn’t yet sold out but that the system was overwhelmed and to try again at some point when they would still be taking orders.

So how about the current status of the Nexus 4? Well a glance at Google Play today reveals that yes, Google is still taking orders for the 8GB and 16GB version of the phone but that shipping times are being stretched further and further away. If you want the 16GB version it’s not expected to ship for 4 to 5, weeks according to Droid-Life, so that pretty much puts Christmas out of the picture. It’s even worse if you want the 8GB version as shipping times for that model have now been pushed back to a whopping 8 to 9 weeks, in which case by the time it arrives you may have forgotten you ever ordered it!

However spare a thought for would-be Nexus 4 owners in other regions. For instance in the UK the 8GB and 16GB order pages for the Nexus 4 still read as sold out, with not even an option to order or any expected date for availability. At least some fortunate people who’ve managed to order through the overwhelmed Google Play system in the US know that they will eventually get their hands on it.

We imagine there are many people out there who will be more than a bit exasperated at just how difficult it is to actually get hold of the Nexus 4 but it’s worth remembering this is a great handset as we pointed out in our roundup of some of the best smartphones for the holiday season. There are other avenues for obtaining the Nexus 4 other than through Google Play but the outright prices from operators tend to be much higher, by an exorbitant amount, and are also likely to be difficult to come by.

We’d like the thoughts of our readers on this one. Are you one of the many who are still trying to place your Nexus 4 order through Google Play? Maybe you’ve managed to pre-order and are now facing a long shipping delay? Alternatively if you find any still available through individual operators let us know which ones and where? Send your comments on this to us.


11 thoughts on “Nexus 4 pre-order now with excruciating shipping time”

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    tbk says:

    I’m shocked at how badly Google have handled the situation – twice. No word from the powers that be, no apologies, no explanations. very poor

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    DerekBez says:

    Remember how we all logged our email addresses with Googs so they could tell us when the phone was ready. Surely that long list was a good indicator of how many of us want it.

    I suspect that LG is the problem. Incapable to meeting the demand, which is why Google dare not make it “pre-order”, because LG wouldn’t be able to deliver.

    So what’s the solution? Let me start a rumour…. What if Big-G has now gone to Sammy and asked them to come to the party with an alternative? They did say – back in March or so – that they would release 5 new Nexus devices this year. I was hoping a smaller 4″ phone would be in the mix.

    But I digress. I had my doubt about LG as a Nexus partner from the outset. I’m really disappointed how this fiasco has turned out. If there was anything Google could do to make things right it would be very simply to be open and honest about the shituation(sic). I was more than eager to get the Nexus 4, and all my expectations were that it would be in my hands by now. Frankly, I can’t wait any longer and I’m going to shop around for alternatives now.

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    dd03 says:

    I’m thinking that by the time it becomes available again in the UK, the nexus 5 will be launching. Perhaps google should give us an option to pre-order now!

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    Numan Ras says:

    Regardless if it’s LG to blame … its the nexus brand and google’s reputation that suffers… Nexus 4 might be an excellent handset, but that’s just on the books…handful of people walking around with nexus 4 doesn’t make it a big seller…. and by the time google finally manages to stock up the mighty nexus to meet the demand, I imagine it’ll be too late to compete with the market.. Remember S4 is suspected to be released sometime first quarter 2013… Id happily spare spend some extra cash on that….

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    canuck says:

    Just got my 4.2.1 update on Galaxy Nexus. I have everything Nexus 4 has…….Just slower. I’ll check stock in March. I have had it. Another waste of day.

    Google does not want my Money.

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    austin26 says:

    I got mine @ the Carphone Warehouse in N Ireland 2 days ago and paid £389. Thankfully I get the VAT back so it was not too bad, but still, Google really should have released them exclusively on the Play store for the 1st month then worried about retailers and networks after.

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    Simon says:

    i’m sick of this – no explanation from google when it may even be avilable in the uk. there were obviously pitiful stock levels when it was released and LG cannot produce anywhere near to meet demand – why waste your time and energy on a set up like this – also you should ask yourself what happens if the phone goes wrong – a replacement is not likely any time soon. unless google come out with the facts soon i will assume the worst and not bother with them. i try the windows phone instead.

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