Nokia 3310 gets the blending treatment

Back in the 4th quarter of 2000, the Nokia 3210 was replaced by the Nokia 3310, and the handset done extremely well for Nokia selling some 126 million units. Some have said the Nokia 3310 is probably the toughest mobile phone ever made able to take just about anything and come out unscathed, but I have yet to see anything that survives a blender.

So to find out if the Nokia 3310 is indeed one tough little mobile phone, I’m sure most have seen one or two of the Will It Blend videos, and now it is the Nokia 3310 that gets the blending treatment in the video that we have for your viewing pleasure below.

In the past we have seen many smartphones go through the blending machine and every time that devices ends up a pile of dust. As far as I am aware nothing in the mobile space has managed to survive the will it blend test. Oh they make take a bit longer to turn to dust but that is usually the outcome.

So it will be hardly surprising to anyone that no matter how tough people claim the Nokia 3310 is, when Tom Dickson drops the little grey handset into the blender, you already know what the outcome will be. Tom does say that some believe the Nokia 3310 is able to withstand Thor’s hammer and even survive a roundhouse kick.

However when those blender blades start whirring the old Nokia handset isn’t going to last long and is no match for the blender test. So if you enjoy watching handsets go through the blender test you can head on down and mash that play button, and furthermore if you want to see it all happen in close up slow-motion we have that video for your as well…enjoy.

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