Nokia Lumia 920 enters Otterbox Cases vs Naked

Smartphones have become thinner and lighter with ever increasing screen sizes in the last couple of years, and there are many users that like to protect their treasured handset with some sort of case product. The flagship Nokia Lumia 920 now has some Otterbox cases to protect it but some users may still like to use the handset with no case at all.

Otterbox have long been renowned for their tough and rugged case products that are available for a variety of smartphones, and the company behind them has now made available two different models for the Nokia Lumia 920. They come in the Commuter Series and the Defender Series and both offer tough protection for the device.

The Defender series is manufactured from a tough polycarbonate case that features a built in screen membrane that will protect the display from scratches and smudges, while an outer silicone layer provides that tough protection to the handset. For you money you also get a holster that allows you to adjust the handset into any position and the case is priced at $49.95.

Meanwhile the cheaper Commuter Series Otterbox case for the Nokia Lumia 920 is made up from two layers of silicon and polycarbonate combined, which promises great protection for the handset without adding too much bulk, and this one is priced at $34.95.

Some will wonder if there is any point in owning a nice sleek new smartphone only to hide it away in a bulky case, personally I have always used a minimalist case that doesn’t add too much bulk with at least some protection for my handset.

Many owners of the Nokia Lumia 920 will love its stylish sleek looks so probably will not want to hide this away inside a case, but it’s when you have a mishap with your smartphone by dropping it or it slipping out of a pocket or bag do you wish it was protected by some sort of case. What do you think are you a fan of putting cases on smartphones?


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    whatsa2 says:

    I makes as much sense as buying a ferarri and covering it in a foam cover
    The beauty of design is seeing and enjoying…..

    This is a form of stupidity adopted because of Apples poor fabrication and design.
    Most of the phones made today are of a superior build to apple and therefore can be used normally.

    I doubt this case will sell much at all ….

    cases just make phones ugly and harder to use

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    Tobz says:

    what a ludicrous idea. Just shows these companies are clueless. Apple, Apple, Apple, Apple, Samsung, Apple, Apple, Samsung… is this all they think/know? Nokias generally have never needed cases. This is the whole point of Lumia’s build, weight and size that clueless ‘reviewers’ keep moaning about. But companies making these otter boxes etc.?? – luckily most people buying the Lumia will know better than to waste their money. A Finnish phone shop just dropped a Lumia 920 from a weather balloon and it survived. They really DON’T need a case.

  3. There are times when a heavy duty case system, such as Otterbox, is absolutely needed. My three year old has had at least 50 apps over her life and watches TV shows and movies on phones and tablets. She drops the devices all the time and haven’t had an issue with damage even once thanks to Otterbox cases. My one year old loves putting his sticky hands all over these devices too. Since my Lumia 920 is technically a loaner for my business, my kids won’t get their hands on it and as such, I don’t need a case. I also don’t need/want a case for my iPhone5.

    To those who say Lumia 920 doesn’t need a case, well, pretend you have a kid and smear some peanut butter over the buttons. Now drop the phone ten times from a stroller to cobblestone, then to gravel, then again in the snow. In between these drops, put the phone in your mouth and drool on it. Mash a banana over the earpiece. Repeat this everyday for a couple years. With an Otterbox, your device will always remain like new despite what a kid, or construction site, can do to it.

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    Rich P says:

    It’s like these people that buy a really nice comfy expensive couch and then cover it in these tight clear plastic covers.

    If you can’t fully enjoy and appreciate something the way it was originally intended, then I don’t see the point in getting it.
    There are a few exceptions of course like those who do hard manual work etc..

  5. There’s a video on youtube showing the Lumia 920 being able to withstand getting dropped from ear height, getting stabbed with knife and run over by a car (face-up). There’s no need to put Lumia 920 in a case. In contrast, Galasy S III couldn’t even survive getting dropped from chest height.

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      charles says:

      i droped mine getting out of my truck and the bottom of the phone is all dented in on the corners, and the screen has some small scratches on it

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    Biffmofo says:

    I ordered a commuter case for my 920. It has nothing to do with protection. I find the 920 hard to handle. I need a little more girth for it to be comfortable. Plus it is very very slick. It slides around a lot and I’m hoping I get a little more grip. Several years ago I had a Body Glove case for my Blackberry that I absolutely loved. It was a hard case but with a very thin rubbery/leathery textured grippy coating. That is what I look for in a case. Hopefully they make one soon for the 920.

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    Kiran says:

    My Lumia slipped out of my pocket and hit asphalt, hard. It got dents in all four corners from that one drop and has two minor scratches in the screen. That was the day my phone case arrived in the mail too and I was very happy to cover it up. Its not a thick case though, but a transparent TPU case that makes the white look good. My experience handling the phone is a lot better now that I don’t feel like I have to handle it with caution.

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    Killuminati639 says:

    Dropped my 920 from my lap to the pavement getting out of the car. 2 corners busted and the corner of the screen by the search button cracked. Screen no longer functions.
    It’s not as tough as many assume. Bad thing is my otterbox was delivered the next day.Check out my YouTube channel for a video of the small damage that made my lumia 920 useless. Killuminati639 is the channel

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    jusTlikeearth says:

    mine slipped out of my pocket while in the movie theater. Top left corner is dented. Almost looks as if part of the corner was perfectly shaved off but the SD card door doesn’t want to stay closed. Definitely get a case for this slick sucker.

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    L B says:

    Dropped my 920 yesterday and three of the corners are all scratched and ruined. True the screen didn’t break and the phone is fine but now it feels nasty. Best off getting a case people.

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    nokia 920 lover says:

    As a mechanic I use the case all week to keep the phone (white 920) clean and damage free from rattling around in my tool box, then at the weekend I take it and enjoy it as it was meant to be!

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    Tanner says:

    I dropped my lumia 920 from my pocket (3 1/2 feet) face down on to the street any it survived…. BUT the screen is all scratched up and the corners are bent 🙁 still works tho!

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    Paul says:

    my 920 slipped out of my pocket in the car park …. and although the glass didn’t crack… the edge where the rounded glasses meets the carbon back did chip …. only slightly and it can be rubbed out with jewelers rouge but I’m still devastated…. in a case it goes!!!

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    Khurram khan says:

    Nokia lumia 920 is worst mobile I have ever seen. I just bought it a month ago and its touch stop working suddenly. I went to nokia care to fix it, they said that the touch is not under warranty. Nokia warranty only cover motherboard. I must pay 400 US $ to replace the LCD.

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