Outlook.com app for Android, some say it looks terrible

Two of the main email services available are Google Mail and Microsoft’s Outlook offering with users now enjoying an improved online service from Microsoft since it was first released back in July. In an attempt to convince more users to make the switch away from Google Mail Microsoft has launched the Outlook.com app for Android, but some users say it looks terrible.

The application was recently updated and promises users one click archiving along with some enhanced keyboard shortcuts. Outlook.com is promised to work on any Android hardware that is running Android 2.1 and later and will sync with your existing contacts and calendars that are on your existing device.

While it may be a long hard road for Microsoft to compete with the built in Google accounts on Android hardware it is good for users to have another alternative. Other features of the app include sending and receiving emails from your Outlook.com account from an Android device, and users can sign in using an existing Microsoft account using their email address and password.

Email messages are highlighted via push notifications, and there is the option of viewing and syncing standard and custom folders and sub-folders. Users can also send, view, and receive photos as well as other email attachments, while the application can be used with multiple Outlook.com accounts.

Messages can be truncated to display headers only or the entire message up to 100KB, trouble is users that have downloaded the application have been giving it mixed reviews with many saying how horrible it looks. Some are saying that while it is functional it lacks even basic features and don’t see the appeal over the pre-installed Google Mail application.

There are certainly more negative reviews to positive and hopefully Microsoft will read the comments and provide a nice update with a number of improvements. Have you downloaded Outlook.com for Android and if so what do you think of it? To find out for yourself hit Google Play.

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