Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Verizon shipping confirmation emails

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Note II) has been one of the big hits of recent months but Verizon customers are still waiting for it to release on the carrier. Pre-orders have been available with a speculated shipping date of November 27 and while there was no solid release date we informed readers of a rumor that it was about to go on sale in Best Buy stores on November 29. We now have confirmation that shipping has begun with Verizon sending out emails to customers.

This should please many Verizon customers who have been avidly awaiting the Galaxy Note 2 on Big Red, although we also recently told of the Verizon branding on the home button that might rankle with some potential buyers. It seems that some of those who have pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon have received emails saying that it should arrive on Thursday while others have been given an expected arrival date of Friday.

It’s also being tipped that for those who didn’t pre-order the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon, then it should also become available in-store from Thursday although Phandroid reports that supplies may be severely limited so you may be best to ring and check for stock first. If this is all accurate it seems that some who pre-ordered and have received a Friday delivery date may get their phone later than those going into stores.

An Android Forums thread shows plenty of people discussing the emails they’ve received about shipping and there’s also a post from someone claiming to be a Verizon employee saying not to worry if your order status still reads, “Your order is currently being processed” as the internal order system does show that it may have been shipped already. It’s just that the order status system hasn’t caught up with shipments.

We also saw a comment from one lucky customer saying that theirs is expected to arrive on November 28, today, by 4.30pm. It’s certainly clear that those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon should receive those much-awaited packages over the next day or so and that the already impressive sales of this smartphone will see another surge shortly. Pricing for the Galaxy Note 2 is $300 on the usual two-year contract or off contract for $700.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Have you pre-ordered the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 and if so have you received shipping details and an arrival date yet? If the phone does indeed hit stores on Thursday and your arrival date is expected for Friday, what do you feel about this? Maybe you didn’t pre-order but can’t wait to check in-store for stock tomorrow? Send your comments to let us know.


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    Juice42 says:

    I pre order mine the first day of pre order and slated to get the phone tomorrow which is kind of disappointing because I could have went in store and bought the phone before I get it from FedEx most likely later that afternoon.

      1. It’s on there. I got the Grey one but I can really notice it unless you are really trying to. Just my opinion. Still having it charge though, Want to get the bootloader off though.

        1. Plus I paid Retail because not willing to give up my unlimited because Washington D.C. has great 4G on Big Red. Surprising I was drifting going back to Sprint but they still don’t have 4G here and might be a while.

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    Sean T. says:

    I pre-ordered mine on 10/26 and have not received a shipping confirmation email. My account also says “Your order is currently being processed”. Guess ordering on the first day didn’t mean squat.

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    corymcnutt says:

    I pre-ordered on 10/25 and it is in the Pitssburgh sort facility…only a few miles away…for delivery tomorrow.

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    Eboni says:

    I pre-ordered in store and never gave then my e-mail, so they’re the ones who got the e-mail with my shipment date. I’m HOPING i get mine tomorrow! If i would of known about the e-mails earlier, i would of called the store like the obsessed Galaxy-fan i am! haha ^.^

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