WWJC 2013 and the odds of iPhone 5 jailbreak

We’ve been trying to keep readers informed about the iOS 6 /6.0.1 untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 that we know so many readers are waiting for. Unfortunately this jailbreak still doesn’t appear close to a release, which we know is frustrating for some. Today we have heard that the dates for WWJC 2013 have been announced for August next year and we wonder about the odds of the iPhone 5 jailbreak finally appearing.

The iOS 6 /iOS 6.0.1 untethered iPhone 5 jailbreak has been a real waiting game with several false starts and glimmers of hope along the way and plenty of scams hoping to cash in. There is still no solid news from renowned members of the jailbreaking community such as @pod2g and @musclenerd and we continue to check the Chronic Dev and iPhone Dev team websites. However one piece of news is that the JailbreakCon team has just announced that WWJC 2013 will take place in New York on August 23/24 next year.

For the uninitiated, WWJC is a world convention for jailbreakers. This is a big deal on the jailbreaking community calendar and will be attended by some of the most prominent members. Speakers could include the likes of @p0sixninja and @pod2g while attendees will be hoping to see jailbreaking workshops and of course talk about everything to do with jailbreaking but is it possible that an iPhone 5 jailbreak will still be being discussed at WWJC?

The announcement of WWJC 2013 dates via Twitter may prompt some to wonder if the iPhone 5 jailbreak will be available by then, or even come at the event itself. It would be easy to get excited at the thought of WWJC coming up with the jailbreak but that would be forgetting that in fact the conference is still 9 months away and most will be expecting it way before then. Many potential iPhone 5 jailbreakers will be horrified at the thought of having to wait so much longer for a jailbreak but with the difficulties we’ve seen so far it’s possible that the untethered jailbreak might not arrive until the time of WWJC. Of course there’s no guarantee that it will even arrive then but there will no doubt be plenty of people waiting for it, no matter how long it takes.

We’d like to hear your views on this. Do you think the iPhone 5 jailbreak will arrive in the coming few months? Maybe you think that realistically there’s a chance it may not arrive until next year’s WWJC, or maybe even later? Let us know with your comments.


19 thoughts on “WWJC 2013 and the odds of iPhone 5 jailbreak”

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    thomasd says:

    i get really tired of people making assumptions and wild guesses as to when a jailbreak will be out ………..why not say its going to be 3 years away or even 10 ……pointless article

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    kenyanboy says:

    such a pointless article, phonesreview put up a bloody article on every single tweet the jailbreaking team does, lol get a life if thats you.

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    kenyanboy says:

    lol my comment got deleted here it is again.

    such a pointless article, phonesreview put up a bloody article on every single tweet the jailbreaking team does, lol get a life if thats you.

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    woodedman says:

    oh look, another pointless article on jailbreak. me like many other are now moving to android. i feel like a sell out, but apple, i hope you realise you have lost a HUGE chunk of the market by being so greedy. without a jailbreak the iphone is simply out done by the competition. there is now no justification for such an overpriced product. shame on you!

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        woodedman says:

        not here they are not! cheapest terriff for iphone 5 32gb black = vodafone es, 24 month contract, 55euros pm, 399euros for the phone, total =1719 euros.
        samsung galaxy s3, cheapest terrif available = vodafone es, 24 month contract, 45 euros pm, 149 euros for the phone, total =1229. obviously its not the same everywhere in the world, but here in the baleric islands this is how it stands. so please ThinkAboutWhatYouMouthOffAboutBeforeYouReply

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          DanielHsu2 says:

          Then don’t descibe how Apple is “losing a chunk” of the Market. No offense, but the Baleric Islands aren’t a major junk of the market.

          It’s also incredibly mature of you to imitate what I did. Bravo! Grow up an stop whining, then I’ll take your responses seriously.

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    Me says:

    The iPhone is great! If you like cooking apps and news readers! Without a jailbreak it’s just boring. By by iPhone 5 and hello Galaxy Note 2! I guess the next best thing is already here. I’m sure android has its issues but the iPhone and apple in my opinion has lost it’s luster.

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    Joe-Daddy says:

    Seriously, you think they may release a jailbreak around the WWJC? A new iphone and ios will be released around that time. If they were going to wait that long, they might as well wait until the new phone/os come out, so maybe they can reuse the exploits.

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