Targus iNotebook case makes love with iPad & iPad Mini

If you happen to own an iOS tablet and on the lookout for a case that makes your slate look like a notebook there are quite a few already available in the mobile space. However those cases wont let you transfer your notebook notes over to your iPad, but there is a case that will let you do so, and that case is called the Targus iNotebook.

The Targus iNotebook features a classic design with Bluetooth tech that enables the user to write notes on normal notebook paper and it will then transfer those notes in real time to your Apple iPad, and the iPad Mini because of Bluetooth and there is an iOS app of course.

Apparently the Targus iNotebook recognizes the letters on the paper and will even transfer them to your Apple iPad when the slate isn’t with you, and can store in excess of one hundred notes and transfer them to your iOS tablet when desired.

It all works by using a Bluetooth enabled stylus/ink hybrid pen that shoots off the info to your iOS slate so that whatever you write is instantly transformed into digital , whilst the device also has integrated memory so you can take notes offline and transfer later.

The iNotebook iOS app enables the user to annotate pages, organise notes and share docs with other users, whilst featuring voice recording, the ability to print, searchable text boxes, and store files on Dropbox, and is compatible with standard A5 and 8 x 5-inch notepads, along with being Airplay compatible.

The iNoteBook iOS app is available to download for free from iTunes, whilst the Targus iNotebook case comes supplied with the pen, one hundred sheets of paper, and three ink refills, and is available in both black and white models from the Targus website, commanding a price tag of $179.99.

Any of our US iPad owning readers going to be purchasing the Targus iNotebook case?

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