BlackBerry App World getting new moniker

I’m pretty sure that even those that don’t use a BlackBerry know that the platform’s app store is called BlackBerry App World. However apparently BlackBerry’s storefront wont be known as that for much longer, because Research In Motion has decided that a name change is in order for BlackBerry App World to coincide with the release of BlackBerry 10 no doubt.

The word is according to the BlackBerry Dev Blog, RIM has unveiled a new name for BlackBerry App World, during BlackBerry Jam Asia in Bangkok, although not very creative I must say, as all RIM has done is dropped the word ‘App’ from the moniker so that the storefront will be known simply as BlackBerry World.

Apparently the dropping of the word ‘App’ from the store’s handle is probably due to RIM moving their storefront to take on rival stores such as Google Play and the Apple App Store, as the new store will now include movies, TV shows and music as well as mobile apps.

Furthermore, in the beta operating system build that developers are currently receiving, there will be a new icon for the new storefront, and RIM will be releasing updated graphics for developers to use on their websites.

BlackBerry Playbook users will see the updated moniker in a future build, however music and video content will only be available through Video Store and Music Store apps on the tablet. Whilst those that own a handset running BlackBerry 5,6,7 and 7.1 will also see the new name but wont have access to music and video content.

Word is RIM will roll out the new BlackBerry World web store before their BlackBerry 10 event on the 30th of January, but in case users are worried, the current appworld.blackberry.com URL will continue to work for applications that are already being used.

As we have already reported RIM is expected to unveil a couple of their new BlackBerry 10 smartphones along with release dates for the devices at that January 30th event, and it appears that RIM is gearing up to make sure everything is in place, including the new BlackBerry World by then, although RIM isn’t letting on about any other details on the new storefront until it is rolled out.

Do our readers think the name change is fine, or do your feel RIM could have been a bit more creative. If so any suggestions what they could have renamed it?


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  1. Nothing to talk about says:

    I think you have run out of things to talk about regarding negative news on Rim. Canada changed the words to their national anthem……..big deal.