iPad cutting board for your kitchen creations

I’m sure if your are into doing a lot of meal preparation in your kitchen, or experimenting with new foods and the like, you probably either use your smartphone or tablet at the side of where you work for referring to recipes and the like. However how about a chopping board you can slice up all your veggies and stuff on, that will hold your tablet to make it easier to follow cooking instructions?

Well if you spend a great deal of time in your kitchen moving your Apple iPad around when it gets in the way, then you might be able to make use of a chopping board that features an integrated iPad stand, and oddly enough we have one for your consideration simply called the cutting board with iPad stand.

The cutting board with integrated iPad stand enables you to prop up your iOS slate in such a manner that it is easy to view recipes and stuff whilst you are brandishing your knife, professionally slicing up whatever you slice up, although the iPad should be fine as long as you don’t go prodding it with that knife.

As for that cutting board, it is generously sized, whilst being dishwasher safe, and apparently will not dull the sharpness of your knives, along with featuring a juice groove that keeps the counter top and your iPad dry, and to be perfectly honest I see no reason why this cutting board couldn’t be used with other tablets as well as long at they fit in that slot of course.

The chopping board also sports four rubber feet to stop it slipping, is heat resistant to 350 degrees F, and has been approved by the National Sanitary Foundation, and has been specifically designed using multiple layers of Forest Stewardship Council certified wood fibres.

So if you spend a fair bit of time in your kitchen and think that you could do with a cutting board that can hold your iPad, you can purchase the cutting board with iPad stand from Chef Sleeve at a cost of $69.99.

Could any of our cooking fanatic readers make use of this tablet toting cutting board?

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