Galaxy S4, new Note 2, and 13.3-inch slate latest speculation

Most of Samsung’s devices are doing rather well for the company in the mobile space at the moment, and naturally old Samsung will be unveiling new products in their Galaxy range for next year. One of which should be the much rumoured Samsung Galaxy S4, of which there has been several rumours recently. However if the latest rumour is spot on we now know when we can expect the Galaxy S IV to be announced.

According to an article over on Sam Mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is going under the name of Project J, and Project J is the next generation Galaxy S device, so one can surmise that Project J is the Samsung Galaxy S4, and the word is old Sammy is planning on announcing the new handset in April 2013.

Other than that little titbit, nothing else is mentioned on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but previous rumour has it the smartphone will come packing a quad core processor, the latest version of the Android operating system, whatever that might be come April, a 5-inch full HD AMOLED display and a 13 megapixel camera.

Moving on to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the latest speculation is that there is a less expensive version of the Galaxy Note 2 already under way, and is destined for the European market. However this cheaper Note 2 will have lower specs than the current Note 2, and word is the cheaper Android smartphone/tablet combo will lose that S Pen, and that the device will not sport an AMOLED display.

Apparently this move is because old Sammy wants a wider range of consumers to have a taste of what owning a large display device is like. Currently though there’s no word on how much the cheaper version of the Note 2 will cost, or when it will arrive in Europe.

Lastly, apparently Samsung wants to take on the likes of the Asus Transformer, and as such is planning on delivering a 13-3-inch slate complete with a physical QWERTY keyboard dock, although apparently the source of all this info couldn’t confirm just what operating system this new 13.3-inch slate might run, although one could guess it could be Android.

And that’s it as far at this latest Samsung device speculation goes. Of course it is all unconfirmed rumour at the moment and should be treated as such until the Korean company gets round to dishing the info officially.

Obviously when it comes to the Galaxy S4 many of the Android faithful will want the device, but what do our readers think about these other two Sammy devices. Would you be interested in a less expensive lower spec’d Note 2 or an Asus Transformer rival?


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