New Nexus 4 stock hitting parts of Europe, be quick

Since Google first released the hugely popular LG Nexus 4 smartphone on November 13th the stock levels on the Google Play Store have almost been non-existent with the device selling out fast. The handset has rightly proven to be extremely popular with Android fans, and we now have news that new Nexus 4 stock will be available via the Google Play store later today in parts of Europe, but you better be quick.

Fresh stock will be available from 5PM GMT in both the UK and Germany Google Play Stores, as the company has been sending out emails to interested buyers that had registered for availability details of the smartphone. The 16GB and 8GB versions of the device have quickly sold out around the world since it was first released, which is hardly surprising considering the low upfront cost of the unlocked smartphone.

Earlier today we spoke about the supply issues that have been affecting the device since it first became available, with numerous complaints from consumers even during the buying process with Google’s systems being overwhelmed with demand.

Despite some peoples reservations of the limited storage space on the Nexus 4 that doesn’t have the option of further expansion, many happy owners that were quick enough to get their hands on the smartphone have already being enjoying the early experience that ownership brings.

Stock of the handset recently became available in the US Google Play Store only for it to quickly run dry again with new stock not expected there until the New Year, and you can expect the same to happen later once this latest stock becomes available.

So if you are a resident in the UK or Germany you better be quick on that refresh button once on the Play store, and hopefully by the end of the day you will have a successful order for the Nexus 4. Are you going to try and order a Nexus 4 later?

Update: Currently the Nexus 4 is available via the Google Play Store with the 16GB version shipping in one to two weeks, and the 8GB version has a four to five week wait.


4 thoughts on “New Nexus 4 stock hitting parts of Europe, be quick”

  1. Google have been clever and limited the number of phones you can buy to 1 per storage value. This way we won’t see the hiked prices currently seen on places like eBay. Kind of beats the point of producing a phone that rivals Samsung Galaxy S3 and to a point the iPhone 5 as a phone but is priced so affordably. Nicely done Google.

  2. I have just ordered myself a Nexus 4 (16GB) with a shipping order of 4-5 weeks.
    The 8GB was just showing the previous “SOLD OUT” sign again. I was so relieved to of gotten in there !

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