iPhone 5 styling via Anostyle takes on Colorware

The Apple iPhone 5 has obviously proven to be hugely popular since it was released, but the device is only available in two colour options in either white or black. So owners that want to personalize their handset have to add some sort of case, but not everyone wants to cover the stylish new iPhone up like this, and we now have news of iPhone 5 styling by Anostyle that takes on Colorware.

There are a number of different companies that will colour up your iPhone for you such as the likes of Colorware, but the guys at Anostyle will offer a process that is similar to what Apple uses to colour the iPhone 5. Apple uses a process called anodization as the handset is assembled to colour the device, and Anostyle will anodize your iOS hardware into a variety of different colours.

This will provide owners a great way of standing out from their friends that own the same handset without the need of using a case or bumper. The process that is used by the likes of Colorware is not exactly on the cheap side either, and over time the paint finish may chip or crack, but the Anostyle process the dye is charged and then fused into the body of your device with no danger of it ever cracking or chipping.

It is also a cheaper process as well as you can have your handset coloured by Anostyle for $249 including shipping, which compares to the eye watering $850 that Colorware will charge you for the privilege of having a different colour on your iPhone.

The company has stated they have spent months perfecting the process that is also unique, and will keep the colour scheme on your handset looking freshly done for ever. To find out more hit the link above.

Do you like the look of the Anostyle colouring process?

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