iPhone 5S Back Casing with Highlighted Differences

The next Apple smartphone on the horizon is going to be none other than the iPhone 5S, and we can say it will be this handset based on previous releases such as 3G to 3GS, then 4 to 4S and then at present we have the iPhone 5. So it stands to reason that the 5S will come next, whether the new model will come with a new design is a mystery, or is it?

There are many speculations about the iPhone 5S such as when it will be announced; we believe that the 5S will have its mention at WWDC June 2013 with a September release date. No one knows what specs and features will be on board but what we do know is that the design has not changed at all on the outside judging on the photos we are seeing over at iPhone 5 Parts.

The photo above shows that the inside of the back case on the iPhone 5 looks different to that of the iPhone 5S, the pictures below have been put together by ETrade Supply showing the iPhone 5S back casing with highlighted differences. The 2013 next-generation rear shell looks the same as the iPhone 5 but with minor changes on the inside, the most perceptible is the screw holes marked in a red box below.

If you look at the exterior of the so called iPhone 5S rear housing it shows the same information as the iPhone 5, we are not too sure where these photos came from originally so at the moment we will count this as non-substantial evidence that this will indeed be the real deal of the publicly released version. This could be just a fake mock-up that will be sold as cheap replacement parts.

Until we hear official news from the horse mouth aka Apple, we will take this on the chin and hope it is not the final version. A new design change on the outside will be nice unless Apple is deciding to make it even taller than the iPhone 5. Personally we believe the shape and design of the 5S will be the same as the 5 but with software enhancements.

Please look at the photos carefully and then have your say by commenting.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 5S Back Casing with Highlighted Differences”

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    oioioi says:

    Does anybody really care nowadays? It will look the same and do the same. The CPU will obviously be a bit faster (in order to make it the fastest ever), everything else pretty much the same, and then there will no doubt be some new pointless iOS feature touted with the release that can be discussed ad nauseum in fora like this…

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    its all about the "s" says:

    no doubt this next iphone will have better camera and improved video and front facing camera and be alot faster. the s range of iphone are the best as they have major improvements over the stand model iphone.

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