Nokia Lumia 505 for Mexico on Guerrero Móvil

Old Nokia is really pushing out their Windows Phone Lumia handsets, and it seems virtually every week the Finnish company has a new one in the offering. And as it happens Nokia does have a new Lumia handset, which is apparently destined for Mexico, and this time round it is the Nokia Lumia 505, an affordable Windows Phone handset.

A report over on The Next Web has it that the Nokia Lumia 505 is heading to Mexican carrier Guerrero Móvil, and that the Lumia 505 is a low end Windows Phone targeted towards developing markets, and word is the device will run Windows Phone 7.8.

As the Nokia Lumia 505 is a low end handset, the specifications are not all that impressive as one would expect. The smartphone is said to sport a 3.5 to 4-inch WVGA touch screen along with an 8 megapixel camera, have 256MB RAM, 4GB of internal memory, and an 800Mhz single core processor.

There’s no word just how much the Nokia Lumia 505 will command price wise, but with those kind of specs it can’t be too much, whilst at the moment the lowest priced Windows Phone is the Nokia Lumia 510, so perhaps we are looking at the Lumia 505 taking that little title from the 510.

Of course although you can’t actually say the Nokia Lumia 505 offers anything impressive, it does mean that the device will get that Windows Phone brand out into markets where the platform isn’t available yet, and obviously the more markets the phones are in the more sales will be made and more profit garnered for both Nokia and Microsoft.

It does appear that Microsoft is somewhat intent on getting Windows Phone 7.8 out there on low cost devices because those devices can run WP7.8 on their slow processors, even though Windows Phone 8 isn’t doing too bad for the company.

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