PIPA Touch fingerprint smartphone case & security practicalities

Everyone loves the world of technology especially when innovative ideas are put together to combine phone cases and security, we have come across a new project that needs the publics backing and support called “PIPA Touch”. This new tech mixes a biometric fingerprint scanner and case, but it does not stop at that because the PIPA Solutions gadget can do so much more than the normal password solutions to enter a mobile phone, but can this new tech provide new security practicalities?

To integrate biometric security with smartphones sounds easy enough when you sit back and think about it, but PIPA Touch has some clever technology that even made us sit up and look twice. We all have digital lifestyle one way or another such as banking, social networking, files on phones using PayPal etc, so how can we secure all our digital lives?

This is where PIPA Touch comes into play, it is simple yet very clever at the same time. It is a simple Bluetooth fingerprint scanner that is protected by protective cases, the scanner can be used in different cases that PIPA Solutions offers such as the black matte soft touch case, there is the carbon fibre case with matte black trim and finally the anodised aluminium cases also with a matte black trim. These cases are on offer for the Samsung Galaxy S3 iPhone 4/4S and the iPhone 5.

PIPA Touch not only unlocks your smartphone but it can also be used to function website logins, it also has a feature called “Password Bank,” which is a cloud-powered web app. We love the fact you can use custom fingerprint scan sequences, and in this you can use say 4 fingers in sequence that only you know to unlock things.

We do not want to go on about the in-depth technology of PIPA Touch so please do watch the video provided below, this is a crowdfunding project that you can contribute to right now by visiting Indiegogo. There is 29 days left with seven different perks starting from $59 and goes up to the £1000 PIPA Distributor pack, so far only $807 has been raised of a $100,000 Goal. The hope is to get these produced and delivered by May 2013, judging on the money raised so far we feel this will not happen.

Please do let us know if you think PIPA Touch is a good idea or a bad one?

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