Modern Combat 4 for iOS and opinions

The other day we let our gaming readers know that GTA: Vice City would become available for iOS and Android as of the 6th of December, along with Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour sharing that same release date to iOS. Well just in case you somehow missed it, Modern Combat 4 is now available to download from iTunes.

The first person shooter game is compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple iPad, and is optimised for the iPhone 5. The plot of Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, the gamer plays the part of an elite soldier in the wake of a nuclear disaster, and your mission is to track down and rescue the leaders of the world from terrorists.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for iOS features a new tactical movement system allowing the gamer to dominate the battlefield, the ability to see both sides of the story by playing the villain, Edward Page, and you get to fight across the globe from Antarctica to Barcelona.

The new iOS game also offers lifelike animations, dynamic objects, console-like graphics, and is the first game from Gameloft to be powered by the Havok Engine that delivers the most realistic feeling vehicles ever, and an amazing ragdoll effects.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour also features a fully redesigned multiplayer mode, with improved layout and in excess of 20,000 weapon arrangements, along with a new specialisation system featuring redesigned skills, and a new ranking system for the leaderboards.

The new game also sports improved sound and voice acting performed by a renowned studio within the movie industry.

We have embedded the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour launch trailer for your viewing consideration below, and if you haven’t yet grabbed the game, you can do so by visiting iTunes, where the game commands a price tag of £4.99 – $6.99.

If any of our iOS readers are playing Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, we’d love to hear your opinions of the game, so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

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