Windows Phone 8 Portico update aka Apollo+ at MWC 2013

Although the Windows Phone 8 operating system hasn’t been out in the mobile space all that long, it appears that smartphones sporting the new OS are in line to see the first update to the operating system. The first update is apparently called Portico, formerly known as the Apollo+ update.

According to a report by WPcentral, they have learned from a trusted source that the first update for Windows Phone 8 devices is now being referred to as Portico rather than Apollo+. Apparently this new update handle is in keeping with Microsoft’s tradition when naming Windows Phone OS codenames, having them all end in ‘o’.

That codename tradition includes NoDo (7.x) then there was Mango (7.5) followed by Tango (7.5 refresh), and then Apollo (8.0). Thus it would seem that when it comes to the first update to Apollo, Microsoft didn’t want to split from that tradition simply by adding a +, and as such has opted for Portico as the next OS update codename.

However, other than that name change there isn’t a great deal known about the Portico update. But rumour has it the update will deliver additions, fixes and small patches to the Windows Phone 8 experience, and there has been speculation that the update might include enhancing WiFi enabling it to stay connected when the device is in standby, and VPN support.

As for that Portico codename, the word portico basically means an extension on a house such as a covered porch area, so you get the general idea, extension to a house — extension to an OS.

The Portico update is not expected to be a milestone update like Mango, but probably similar to that of NoDo, which was released back in March last year. As for when the update is expected to be announced, well the word is Microsoft will make that Portico announcement during Mobile World Congress 2013 in February in Barcelona.

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