Final Fantasy 4 iOS app in time for Christmas, Android waits again

If you’re a gaming enthusiast you will already know about the Final Fantasy series and today we can tell you that Final Fantasy 4 (IV) is set arrive on the iOS platform before Christmas. The release date is set for December 20 but unfortunately, as seems to so often happen, Android gamers will have a longer wait with the date simply set for sometime in 2013.

Good news for some then but bad news for others, especially hot on the heels of this weeks launch of GTA: Vice City which was supposed to be released on iOS and Android on the same day, although the Android version was delayed. Final Fantasy fans will find that FF4 has some decent mini-games and improvements and is a remake of the game that was released for the Nintendo DS back in 2008.

Other new features according to iDownload Blog are 3D graphics and a new translation but the latest iOS installment of the Final Fantasy franchise looks as though it will cost you a fair bit. After an introductory launch on the App Store where it’s likely to be at a sale price, the price will probably end up at around $17.99. However to offset that Square Enix has chopped prices of some other Final Fantasy titles by at least half through December 14.

That means that Final Fantasy 1 and 2 are now $4 each instead of $9 while Final Fantasy 3 for iPhone and iPod touch is $9 instead of $16 and the iPad version is down from $17 to $10. The Square Enix Final Fantasy site now shows Final Fantasy IV along with other titles and app download links from the series but there’s no further information than simply listing the title so far. Keep an eye out at the link though as that will probably change soon.

So although iOS gamers will be lucky enough to be playing Final Fantasy 4 by Christmas it seems Android gamers aren’t even allowed a rough estimate of when the game will be coming to their platform. This is something we see time and time again and we know it causes real frustration for some of our readers who are Android device enthusiasts.

Are you an iOS device owner and pleased to hear that Final Fantasy 4 is on its way to you? Maybe you’re a disgruntled Android gamer and pretty fed up at having to wait longer than iOS gamers once again? Let us know with your comments

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