Motorola device Jelly Bean updates, full timetable

We always endeavor to keep readers informed about various operating system updates available for their devices and right now many owners are waiting for the Android Jelly Bean update. Back in October we let Motorola device users know about its complete device list showing which phones and tablets would be receiving Jelly Bean. Now Motorola has just updated the list and it looks as though much of the action will take place in Q1 next year.

Since we last detailed the Motorola list some lucky device owners have now received the Jelly Bean update or it’s in the process of rolling out, such as the 4.1.update for the Droid RAZR HD and Droid RAZR MAXX HD for Verizon users in the U.S. If your device hasn’t already received 4.1 Jelly Bean then the only other Motorola devices likely to see it before the year is out are the Atrix HD for the US and the RAZR HD for Asia-Pacific.

The updated Motorola list covers all regions split into sections such as USA, Canada, Europe Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America and Mexico and so you can imagine it’s a full and comprehensive listing of various devices. It shows some devices staying on Gingerbread, others that have been updated to Ice Cream Sandwich or are currently receiving ICS and some that will also go on to receive Jelly Bean and a guideline date. Also devices where Jelly Bean has already been rolled out or is rolling out now are detailed. Simply find your region, look for your device and hey presto!

The full Motorola software update page can be found here. You can see that the two devices for the US that will receive Jelly Bean in Q1, 2013 are the Electrify M and Motorola Xoom WiFi + 3G/LTE. The Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR Maxx there will both receive 4.1 Jelly Bean but no date is specified yet. Meanwhile Canada’s RAZR HD and Atrix HD will receive Jelly Bean in Q1, 2013. In the Europe, Middle East and Africa category the Razr i is set to receive 4.1 Jelly Bean in Q1, 2103 and for Asia-Pacific the Razr M for Australia will also release in that timeframe.

Some owners may be disappointed though as their devices may be among the ones that won’t get further than 2.3 Gingerbread. Those devices are detailed as the Atrix 4G and Motorola XT860 in Canada. Motorola also states that any other devices not shown that are running 1.5 Cupcake through 2.3 Gingerbread are not slated for further Android updates. Please remember that any dates given are subject to change and we will continue to bring you further news on Jelly Bean updates as we hear it.

Are you pleased to hear of the latest Motorola software update list. Is your device one of those that should receive Jelly Bean soon? Maybe you’re unhappy that your device has no date yet for Jelly Bean, or worse still, will not get the upgrade at all? Let us know by sending your comments.


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    shawn marshall says:

    I have a Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Edition in Canada and i haven’t received an update for 4.1 yet…..when will I receive this O.T.A UPDATE

  2. Reply
    shawn marshall says:

    I have a Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi Edition in Canada and i haven’t received an update for 4.1 yet…..when will I receive this O.T.A UPDATE

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