Best Buy is iPad Santa for two customers

Christmas is fast approaching, a very expensive time of year for most when you have to shell out for gifts for family and friends. And no doubt there are many that would like to receive one of Apple’s iOS tablets for Christmas. However, I figure not many will be as lucky as a couple of Best Buy customers when it comes to ordering an iPad.

It seems that Best Buy is playing Santa this Christmas for a couple of fortunate customers anyway, because according to an article on the Consumerist, a Best Buy customer ordered an Apple iPad for her son for Christmas, but when the package was received the box contained not one iPad but five.

A tad surprised that Best Buy had sent five instead of one iPad the customer checked the invoice, which stated one iPad, although the box label clearly stated count 5. The Consumerist contacted Best Buy on behalf of the customer inquiring what should be done about the other four iPads.

To which Best Buy responded that they had obviously made a mistake. However, in the spirit of the holidays the customer is encouraged to keep the iPads and give them to family, friends, or people in need such as a charity or school.

Seems very generous of Best Buy to acknowledge the mistake and very generous to say keep them, but as mentioned above this isn’t the only customer to have received this festive gift from the big box retailer, as apparently another customer who ordered an iPad also received a box of five.

And yes you’ve guessed it, this second customer was also told to keep all five of the iOS slates. The customer, called Nick, called Best Buy’s 1-800 number, and was informed that there was nothing that could be done because their system only showed one iPad as being sent.

Nick was told he could try returning the excess slates to a Best Buy store, but as he had some concerns over how traceable the return would be, so has decided to hang onto the tablets until Best Buy comes knocking or until a reasonable time has gone by.

So, as this ‘festive gift’ from Best Buy has happened at least twice that we know of we’d like to know if anyone else has also received more items than ordered from Best Buy this festive season, so feel free to let us know if you have been that lucky by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


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