iPhone 5 Podi-m dock with perfect styling

If you happen to be the proud owner of the latest iOS smartphone and on the outlook for an elegant and stylish looking charging dock then you might like to consider the Podi-m charging dock, which is compatible with the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, and iPad mini, and is said to be the first dock to match the build quality of your Apple device.

The Podi-m charging dock has been said by some tech sites to be a work of art, an elegant dock for your Lightning device, and the first iPhone dock that can be defined by Apple’s standards, and even that this is the dock Apple should have designed.

The Podi-m charging dock isn’t just a stylish looking piece of kit though as it’s a really smart device that works with any iPhone iPhone, any iPod and any iPad due to using the existing charging cable whilst working with any case.

The Podi-m dock has been machined from solid aircraft grade aluminum with two steel discs incorporated inside the base adding weight to the dock to ensure your device stays put when charging and includes standard 30-pin and Lightning connector adapters.

With the Podi-m dock the adapter pivots to ensure easy docking, whilst the height of the connector is adjustable and changing the connectors is as simple as unscrewing two stainless steel Allen screws. The dock is manufactured in anodised aluminum with etched aluminum top and bottom whilst also sporting precision machined bevels, and the body is finished in either black powder coating or high gloss white to match your iOS device.

However, the Podi-m isn’t just for iOS devices because you can also charge other devices such as Android handsets due to the dock now featuring a microUSB option.

However, if you believe the Podi-m dock is the dock for you, unfortunately you can’t purchase the device just yet, because the Podi-m dock is a project over on Kickstarter.

The project was looking for a funding goal of $30,000, but with still 3-days to run, the project has received $38,956 in funding and as such will be funded as of the 13th of December. So you should be able to purchase the Podi-m dock at some point in the future.

Is the Podi-m dock the stylish dock you are looking for for your mobile device?