CoD-like Modern Combat 4 action shooter for Android

A few days ago iOS gamers were able to download and play both Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, and whilst Android gamers also gained GTA: Vice City, they were left waiting for their version of Modern Combat 4. However, the first person shooter game has now become available to download from Google Play.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android has become available, however it appears some users might experience some issues downloading the game in the form of an error 941, and as such those gamers are advised to wait between an hour and an hour and a half due to the size of the game, as the data download might take a while to initiate, and users can try clearing the data and cache in the Google Play app as well.

So with that little bit of advice out of the way, the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour game for the Android platform offers the same as the iOS version, so gamers get to be an elite soldier in the wake of a nuclear disaster on a mission to rescue world leaders from terrorists.

The first person shooter enables the gamer to see both sides of the story by also playing the villain Edward Page, whilst the game lets you do battle across the globe in such places from Barcelona to Antarctica.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour also features a new tactical movement system, lifelike animations, console-like graphics, dynamic objects, improved layout system, in excess of 20k weapons arrangements, and is the first game from Gameloft to make use of the Havok Engine that delivers the most realistic feeling vehicles, and amazing ragdoll effects.

Just like the iOS version, the game also offers a new specialisation system with redesigned skills, and a new ranking system for leaderboards.

For those Android gamers that would like to get to grips with the action Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour offers, you can download the game to your chosen device running Android 2.3 or above from Google Play at a cost of £4.99.

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